Calling custom blocks for certain types returns same number even if killed off.


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Please see attached code.
This all works correctly, whereby I display the correct number of Aliens in the Group as well as number of Grabbers,
but these figures do not alter after I have started killing off Aliens.

So how to call the custom blocks only for Alive Aliens?

I tried calling on the condition they are Alive, and on condition they are on the screen, but doesn't work



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It's hard to tell what this does without seeing what the custom blocks do, so I'm not sure meaningful advice can be given.

It sounds like the problem might be that you're only running this code once (in a "do after" event) when you might have intended to keep running this code (with a "do every" or "updating" event).
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Justin, you hit the nail on the head - I was totally blind to that !

This can easily happen when you are working very close to something and intensely so,
that you can't see the forest for the trees.

I really love Stencyl not only because both its concept and its looks are beautiful,
it is also because it makes you think hard - and at my age (73) that's what I need to keep my retired mind from rusting away.
Thanks so  very muchly.