Artist looking for developer to partner with! Fun Idea!


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Sup Developers! I am an artist with an idea for a game and looking to partner with a developer. The idea is a pretty awesome and I think has some potential to get some attention as its socially relevant, uses trending searched keywords, is somewhat violent/controversial, and from what I can tell has not been done yet! I will explain the full idea in depth once I find someone interested that can make a specific type of game style and the ability to make it multi-player. There's quite a few games in this 3/4 top down style but I think the best reference that comes to mind is a game called 'Zombies Ate My Neighbors' (yeah I'm Super Nintendo old school haha). Basically think of a multiplayer game (with a vs computer mode too) that can work in that style of gameplay. If you are capable of creating this style of game and willing to partner with an artist to develop it let's talk! This would be a sweat equity project to build it together with an agreement for shared revenue and ownership. The project would be monetized by releasing it for free with ad revenue, paid version with no ads, and in-game marketplace to purchase upgrades. I also have professional experience in web3 and developing numerous NFT projects. So, if we can grow a solid fan base there is also potential to monetize the release of NFT based character assets using web3 add-ons to the game.

Let me know if you are able to do this kind of build and interested in learning more. Let's talk and make it happen!

- Matthew