Steel Seraph is now on Full Release.


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Steel Seraph is in its final form on Windows, Linux and Mac . The game's long journey is complete.

Infinite thanks to Merrak and Dicey (Andrew Shouldice, yes the Tunic one) for porting to Linux and Mac respectively at a time when I couldn't secure access to Linux or Mac hardware (I used to be able to.)

Major changes:

Game now translated in full, to French and Russian (RU translation provided by Andrey Malishevskiy as of 2020).

Text contrast improved on some stages.

UI rearranged for improved readability across multiple languages. Strafe information is on the right rather than the left, Boss health and name switched so the name is on the left and the health is on the right.

Shadows added to all enemies.

Dodge trail uses the afterimage of Seraphine instead of a simple dot. The Apparition Dodge Tool also uses one.

All controller issues solved, Nintendo Switch controller, PS2, PS3 and PS4 controller now usable in addition to XBOX and standard PC controllers. (Thanks to tester FireStorm for discovering issues with some lesser-used controllers.)


Fixes recommended by testers Tishero, Meowingkitty and Schmidttygames

Tishero's list of bugs fixed

Secondary attacks that passthrough enemy dealing damage noise is loud and over powering and floods out the rest of the game effects and music. (Sep 22, 12pm)

A few bosses needs to be nerfed a little. The boulder boss has too much HP for starting out causing the fight to drag out unless holding all the weapon buttons at once. The Blue flying dude movement is almost too quick and he catches up to you with ease and a little too many missiles, again unless you hold all weapon buttons down and take him out before his wave of missiles. The phoenix boss the only real issue is the whole fire wall spawning on you.

(Sep 22, 746pm)

Chapter 3-A if missed dialog continuing from that point on it is trial and error figuring out what to do. (Sep 23, 415pm)

The farm area when protecting the crops after defeating what is needed there is no indications that you need to go up to the top of the screen to leave. \

(Sep 22, 10:51pm The objective is now listed as "Eliminate the roots tied to the root walls blocking the way to the Farm Prime main building, then head north to save it from Demeter.")

Missions requiring you to hunt down specific enemies, after area is checked the blue arrows do not disappear causing confusion and wondering back and forth between arrows. (Sep 22, 827pm)

Left building in the Hydro plant top room. Bottom trigger seemed a tad too low, could not activate the leave room unless rolled into the bottom of the room. (Sep 26, 644pm. Signposting issue. Should be made clearer that Plasma Sphere melts the ice.)

Outside the hydro plant can roll up the frozen portion skipping both the buildings (Left and Right) and enter the main building (not sure if intended). (Sep 26, 1144pm, 'Neutrals', the group pseudotiles are assigned to, now fully interact with tile collision hitboxes.)

Some leaving or entering building/room triggers can be a bit finicky requiring multiple passes to get the exit prompt. (Oct 2, 637pm)

When holding the X (pew pew) Button it also shoots the weapon in Y unless Y is pressed or the game is paused. (Oct 4 549pm)

When dashing with the bumper or trigger can no longer move in the direction unless let go of movement input (Oct 4 549pm)

MeowingKitty's list of bugs fixed

Act 2-B blue arrow after beating minotaur does not go away (Sep 21, 719pm)

Melting ice bridge prompt unclear making me think it was not registering that I melted the bridge (Overlaps with Tishero item)

Bat animation when holding x (normal shot) and facing left (Oct 5, 1122am)

Melt ice bridge prompt changing to something in regards to finding switch for door (Oct 5, 1150am)

Act 2-A after boss, stuck on conference table (Oct 5, 1239pm)

(These will require a response from Kitty after I send an updated interim build, no success reproducing either bug on my end.)

Still not able to access Hydro West without crashing

Solar Grid Air game crashes after blue laser beam


Schmidtty's list of bugs fixed

Nov 11

Act 1-E Mall Floor 3F to 2F sometimes causes soft lock. Had to fast travel to get out. Could only replicate it a second time but not again after that. (Nov 11, 128pm)

Act 2-D Elevator left side. Soft lock. No way to menu. (Nov 11, 602pm)

Act 3-B Pausing in building glitches visuals.. Elevator still not working here either. Found out the elevator works with keyboard "enter" key. (Nov 11, 602pm)

Nekomata not dying after laser blast. Had to reload save. Worked second time. (Nov 11, 735pm)

Act 2-F Possible to soft lock and die using "Flight Path to SW" May need a wall to prevent being able to got that way. (Nov 11, 829pm)

Game crash after Hera City Meeting.(Attempted to reproduce Nov 11, 251pm)

Crash leaving Serphine's house after beating Demeter. Top left tip still displays need to eliminate roots and beat Demeter. (Attempted Nov 11, 847pm)


Personal fixes made

Nov 15

Finesse (Dodge leads to 1 second of slow time) rules adjusted.

Destructible enemy projectiles can be damaged by Rock and Roll

Indestructible enemy projectiles can be Finessed.

Actors and bosses can be Finessed, albeit at the risk of taking damage at the end of the dodge.

Fixed a bug where some Finessed projectiles have unlimited slow time.

Slightly changed "Situation"/1-B and Tutorial, and "Planetville"/Hera City tracks


Dot Eater sometimes overflows on ammunition. (Nov 15, 3:06p)

Cybele Air Small shoots 90o far of where it should shoot. (Nov 16, 912p)

Thor's greater technique still doesn't seem to go where it's needed (to the player's prior location after 2 seconds) (Nov 17 1159a)

Explosives need to be able to hit the Koschei phylacteries. (Nov 15, 3:11p)

Blink sometimes "fails" even when not obstructed. (Nov 15, 3:36p)

"Exit to title" not working via keyboard. (Nov 15, 3:16p)

Corsair enemies (from Hell Off Earth) attacks adjusted. (Nov 18, 528p)

Small- Bullet wave, 3-shot spreads

Medium- Wide 6-beam shots, straight down.

Large- Destructible missiles.

Nov 21

Inverted health and boss position on boss/protection target healthbar data (11:22p)

Moved strafe to the right side with the weapons (11:22p)

Added Shield Crash data once the Blue microjet is acquired (11:22p)

Added a cracked overlay to the game over screen. (11:22p)

Darkened floor tiles in the Orbital Elevator (11:22p)