Pixel Artist & Animator (Freedom Planet 2 / Kyle & Lucy / Sonic Studio)


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Hi, I'm Lewis, a pixel artist ready to work on your project!
I've handled pixel art on a wide variety of projects boasting differing pixel art styles, smooth animation, and graphical moods.


My pixel art specialties
  • Character design and animation
  • Vibrant, expansive and varied tile sets
  • Vast and detailed multi-layer backgrounds
  • Work with multiple styles, moods, and pixel art disciplines (16 bit, 8 bit, etc)

Projects I've worked on/am involved with include:
  • Kyle & Lucy - Designing characters, animating level graphics / full screen animations, and creating environment art.
  • Freedom Planet 2 - creating backgrounds, character art, and environment art.
  • Sonic 2 HD - A popular Sonic fan game, creating enemies, animating, and environment art.
  • Sonic Studio - A Sonic fan game made in GM with highly detailed art.
  • and more!
Contact me:


If you are interested in my work, feel free to contact me at LapperDev(at)outlook(.)com
Or visit lapperdev.artstation.com