SMMr (Super Mario Maker) discussion thread


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II is the Roman numeral (number) for 2 (two).

NES stands for Nintendo Entertainment System
and also
are both safe to visit search engine websites to search stuff.

Talk about SMMr (Super Mario Maker) or SMMr 2 or both stuff in this thread.

I Jason have some SMMr2 levels which are
Fire Up The Ante Y7L-1GL-VYF
Mario's Hard Day CTS-4RW-67G
Jason's Course One 3RT-QGV-HSF
Course's name and its ID ^

I have IVYMAN as a Super Mario Maker 2 account named after naming a hero IVYMAN in Dragon Warrior II for NES

Please feel free to play, record, upload footage of etc. any of my Super Mario Maker 2 courses.
My name is Jason & (and) I am from N. USA & I live in N. USA & I was born in N. USA, < awesomest Stencyl suggestions ever.