Need simple protoyping (Paid gig)


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Hello all,

I'm in need of some simple protoyping for a 2D mobile game. I want to focus my time on the design and art and don't have the bandwidth to work on the protoypes.

2D game
Drawing text and HUDs

These will be relatively simple protoypes that I will need over the course of the next few most likely.

Please reach out if you are interested and also what your expected compensation will be.



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My name is Timothy Cole, sorry for the late reply, I create and market websites. I am open to creating games for customers but I charge a fee along with a percentage of your game. I will charge you $3500.00 to create the simple 2D prototype mobile game. I also want %15 of the amount of money you profit off of the video game. 

My company is called Simple to Complex Websites - S2CW Limited Liability Company

You can email me at