Riddles thread


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A riddle is question that has at least one hint to its answer. Also riddles are more than one riddle.

Here is an awesome riddle:

Let's say I Jason make a wish that every zero tolerance for message board spam staff member will not be untruthful during that day (example Wednesday July 19, 2023), and yet on that day such a staff member of a message board on that day tells me something like ''Jason today I will only eat healthy stuff. I am going to have Arby's food today not limited to only fruits and vegetables'' and yet such a staff member is not being untruthful to me how is that possible?

Hint 1: DNA stands for Deoxyribonucleic Acid

Hint 2: You can look up online about different genetics of people.

Answer to this riddle: Such an above mentioned staff member has DNA, genetics etc. that make it to where Arby's food is actually healthy for him or her.
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