Laundry discussion thread


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Laundry discussion thread.

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Laundry Question #1: Can setting a washer fill size of water to Super damage a washer?

Laundry Question #2: Can a mix of two many different clothes damage a washer?

Laundry Question #3: What else can damage a washer?

Note to all please be careful when washing stuff in washer.

I recommend filling washer only up to three quarters full of laundry and with at most two laundry pods.

I am saying this because once I filled a washer with super size and different clothes and towels and that may have broken a Hotpoint washer of mine.

Awesome Laundry Information #123
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Laundry Question #1: No. It's intended to be filled to Super if it's an option.

Laundry Question #2: Should be okay.

Laundry Question #3: Bricks.