[Outsourcing Studio] Full-services for Animation & Game Studio


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OPEN for NEW commissions & Prioritized to long-term projects (#steamgame, #visualnovel #hiddenobject)


We are an Animation and Game Art Design Studio. Please visit Our studio portfolio here: https://doodle-space.artstation.com/ to see more artworks that we have finished!

We provide full services for animation films and games like character design, environment design, UI/UX, and splash art…


We make sure 100% of all artwork as we did our best/knowledge and skillsets, not using any material/art of the AI or Famous Artists as some freelancers do on the market (some clients come with us after they find their artists steal artwork from somewhere).

You can use our artwork on a commercial project and don’t worry about the rights. That’s why we love to do long-term projects. Your projects are safe on Steam or any platforms and have no issues with the AI because we are a HUMAN studio, work hard for high-quality products, and help our clients release the best products!

If you want to see more of our work, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us via email: work@evyanworld.com

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