25,000+ FREE Public Domain (CC0) Assets

Over the last few years, I've put together a large number of free Public Domain (CC0) assets and graphics using outdated or abandoned software; various tools that I have collected over the years and used for the last few decades, though the companies that released them have gone out of business or disappeared into the void. These assets are all Public Domain (CC0) and completely free to use in any type of project, commercial or non-commercial.

Each asset pack has been put together with a particular old school style in mind, and include everything from texture packs, isometric tile-sets, platformer tiles, board game pieces, hexagonal tiles, space backgrounds, 2D planet graphics, interface elements, and more!

There are also a number of tutorials available on my main website covering various old school graphic techniques or related to working with the various graphic packs, such as textures for planets, seamless hexagonal textures, converting images to isometric projections, circular or spherical textures, and more! You can also find a big list of free tools and utilities for making your own graphics.

Screaming Brain Studios - Official Website
Screaming Brain Studios - Itch.io

These assets are great for prototyping, quick mockups, game jams, and there are no restrictions on how you can use any of them! They can be edited, modified, and even redistributed however you like. I hope you guys find these useful!