How to drag and drop just the topmost actor?


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I'm new to Stencyl and making a dress up game. But I can't figure out how to not remove both articles of clothing when I click over overlapping garments. I only want to remove the topmost one that's on the doll.

It's set up so you can drag icos of the clothes to the doll and they "snap" into place, so I can't make it the last clicked actor either (because people might pick one then change their minds).

Sorry if this sounds really n00bish. I'm struggling to find documentation too.

I guess what I want to know --

Is the z-index of each actor not automatically accounted for (as the overlap seems to reflect it)? In which case, can I call back to it to simply pick the one with the topmost value under the mouse?

Is there a way to do this in Stencyl?

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