Setting Up 4.1.0 issues


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Sorry for the long post, but I'm very much in need of help.
Having a lot of trouble getting new Release 4.1.0 set-up.

Compiling for Windows - says it needs Visual Studio Code so ut tries to instal that but
comes to s screaching halt being unable to delete a temporary file, which I can't delete either.
So I downloaded itr myself and it installed all OK.
However, 4.1.0 can't find it and so tries to instal it itself but no good as explpained above.
So is there somewhere in the engine to specify it's location?

Compipling for Android - I let it download all defaults for the Android SDK and Built Tools.
But it then says I need API 33 for the Playstore - but this is the free version and anyway I only have API 31 Android 12. I'm going round in circles and can't get out of this loop.

Please advise as I must be doing something silly.