Somesort of Softbody engine beside B2D (maybe for 2.0)


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I recently asked for Gish example game and it turned out that it would be extremely hard to make with just Box2D. Could we implement some sort of softbody engine in Stencyl? I mean Box2D is great for solid things like box or stone, but when you want something blobby it is useless.

I know this would be hard to connect it with Flixel, but I think I have solution for that too. We may distort actor images according to data from softbody engine. And collision shape for actor when softbody is enabled will serve as initial array for softbody engine.

Hm... On second thought it may not be as hard to make as I thought on start. We just need to manipulate points of B2D collision shapes and distort image approximately.

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Your obvious "solution" would eventually solve the least of our problems, were we implementing a soft-body physics engine.

At best, we could adapt one, but it isn't planned and that's Jon's call. (Personally, I don't believe it would make it, even for 2.0).
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Not feasible to do.

- No open source 2D soft body engines are available.

- Can't mix Box2D and soft body. You'd have to implement a new engine, even if (1) were true, and that's just an immense effort to support a small subset of games, no matter how cool it sounds.