Osama Bin Laden is Killed


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Watch the President's address live:

This is huge turning point for the USA - after a decade it's relieving to see this chapter close.


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Just saw this on CNN.  Took us long enough. 

Part of me wants to celebrate but another part won't let me.  Even though the d00d was evil I don't think killing should ever be celebrated even when necessary (at least for me personally, I won't hold it against people who do celebrate). 


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I'm not too optimistic for this being a "turning point" for the United States. The government is addicted to war and provocative interventionism. We're in five deadly, costly wars and the government never seems to to want to leave.

I hope I'm wrong though!

Legendary Hoamaru

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Its damn great we finally got him, but as far as the US goes we still have internal issues to take care of.


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Well, I retract my earlier statement of how he was killed. It turns out that there was a special group of soldiers who shot and killed him and returned his body.

It is sooo amazing to know that he is dead. Like Legendary said though, we have plenty of internal issues to be taking care of. I personally don't believe that terrorism will ever go away, so it is now time to turn our attention back home and correct the current problems we have.
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Consider the fact that killed person may not be O.B.L. but his double which looks exactly like him. So we may hear O.B.L. yet.

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Consider the fact that killed person may not be O.B.L. but his double which looks exactly like him. So we may hear O.B.L. yet.
Is it me or is your english getting worse?

In my opinion I can see how this will offload some of people's fears of terrorist attacks, but this may actually provoke more attacks from other groups.


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Apparently we have DNA proof. He was, after all, CIA funded many years ago.
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Well, they now have to worry about retaliation from terrorists around the globe.
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Now he has a martyr image and will always be remembered by the terrorist colleagues as a "brave" soul who they will honor and avenge. And God knows we dont need anymore things for Al- Queda to be blindly dedicated too, they already have their perverted version of Islam.


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A discussion I've been having with my friends can be summarized as thus:
People shouldn't rejoice in his death. (That's inhumane)
His death isn't the end of all these wars. It may be close to the end, or just the beginning.
Still, many people are relieved that he is dead.