Flying Critters


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If any of you are on FGL check out Flying Critters
Based on catapult kit.

Launch furry critters using slings into portals dodging spikes.Use trampolines and surfaces to guide your critter.
36 Levels! Achievements for hardcore players!

Long Description.
Use the mouse to launch furry critters angry birds style into portals that lead them to heaven between waiting death traps like Spikes and Moving Spike boulders. Use Trampolines to get the critter to inaccessible areas.Complete levels with least number of unharmed critters and do it in the shortest time to unlock achievement badges.

press m anytime to mute
press r to replay level
press esc to go to level select menu

physics, arcade, bloons, catapult ,cute ,flight


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I have published the game to Kong.
It has two versions.
Play them here:


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Uploaded a version on this website! Have a look!


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This is a nice game man ! I really liked the graphics. The gameplay is basically the same as angry birds but your gameplay elements ( Like spikes ) made it very well. Also the blood effect is very very very nice.

The only problem for me is the difficulty, I tried the easy version and it was so hard ! haha.

Nice man I really liked it.  :)
Still on my first project.