Pre-Ship (Bundle) all the most important behaviors


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Is there Melee behavior if not you guys should make one


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Hi. You guys made a behavior that's called "wander" and it works nicely...but...there's no option to put different animations to it when it changes directions. can you guys make one like that? it would be like mixing the "wander" behavior with the "8 way movement" behavior. I've seen behaviors like this before in many game consoles...for example in RPG games. there's always some random character in a town wandering around and when they change directions, the animation changes too. i know those are set to only walk in a limited space and wont walk out of the set path...but in programs anything is is there a way to make a character walk randomly all over the scene and change the animation when it changes directions?


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While making my game I noticed that there was the lack of option to add a sound to a certain action, which for some behaviors will always be something a dev wants. Stuff like the Jump 'n Run and Shooting definately needs sound attributes built in.


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How about ladder movement that would probably help a lot unless there was an alternative...


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Recommended Behavior:

Slow/Fast When Enters Region:
Adjusts speed of character when he enters or leaves a region, such as a water region (without messing with the tiles)

I Suggest an "attack punch" and "get hurt" behavior for platforms games.


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i suggest continue button  it will helpfull for beginners when you put behavior to cuntinue button game load and you start to last stage


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Im gonna go ahead and suggest some sort of level lock/unlocking behavior for something like a stage select screne. Its asked every once in a while, and it would help to just have a pre built demo or kit built in to show an example of it.


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Suggested behavior:

Point, Click, and move actor to where you clicked. Definitely something that every budding adventure gamer needs!

PS: If anyone knows how to do this...I'm all ears! I've been struggling with it for days.


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Hi! I'm new to this thread.  :D

It seems that there are a lot of requests, but I'm not sure if progress is being made. Fortunately, I'm working on the Interactive Stencyl Textbook and I think it should include a chapter about creating your own behaviors.

I'm still working through the basic parts of the book, but I should be at the advance stuff soon. I'm thinking that I could probably do a basic point-and-click tutorial, as that was covered in my last textbook.

The problem is that it's not enough for a character to just walk to a point. What happens if it bumps into a wall? That part is tricky.

If I have trouble with that, I'll probably pick something simpler.  :P

Anyway, I'm just posting up so I can easily find this thread again later. I didn't get to read all of it yet. If a behavior is highly requested, but no one is working on it, maybe I could make the behavior.
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hello guys, i am a very very beginner in stencyl.
here i'm going to ask to the masters :
-how to make the actor on stencyl keep running forward like flappy bird ?.
-how to make a new pixel actor and make it perfect ? (i mean what application which could make that).
-how to set the scene size that fit to the smart phones display.
thank u so much for the answers.


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Is there a "How To" guide for the Health Manager?  I've spent three days searching and trial/error testing it. Can't figure it out.



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The Fire Bullet behavior does not work.
Ludum Dare Game: Connected Worlds


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Ludum Dare Game: Connected Worlds

I too would love a reliable attack behavior. Melee or sword slash compatible.