Collision shapes and the grow self code block


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I'm using the latest version of StencylWorks and testing in both Flash and iOS.
I've tried numerous experiments with resizing an actor using the "grow self to __ %" block.

As far as I can tell, even if the actor's advanced physics setting "Auto-scale Collision bounds" is checked, it doesn't really work very well, and works differently on Flash and iOS.
#1 - AM I RIGHT or am I missing something?
#2 - Is the best workaround to use "grow self" for visual effects only, and to create different sized animations for my actors if I need them to scale up or down and still have precise collision shapes?

I found this old question on the forum, but the recommended fix doesn't seem to work on iOS...
Solved-How to actively scale player,1947.msg13554.html#msg13554

Thanks for any suggestions!
Tom in SC


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I've been having the same problem for a while -- collision bounds aren't scaling with the actor, even when that option is checked.

(I'm on iOS only, not Flash, so I can't corroborate the Flash problem.)

I posted about it here...,6006.msg38737.html#msg38737

... and Jon said he'd look into it.

Jon, any thoughts?


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I think for me (using Flash) it worked as supposed.
One advice: Turn on debug drawing to see what's happening (there is a block for it, and also a behavior on stencylforge).


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Ah, didn't know about debug drawing, thanks!

Just tried it -- and it confirms the bug: on iOS, collision bounds aren't scaling.


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Ive been having the same problem. Is the any other way to change the size of an actor? One that makes it collide?

BTW im having problems with the draw image & draw rects etc function, it works ok with flash but with ios seems to draw for a milisec and then dissapear, any idea about this? I thought that just using the drawing event was enough


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There are multiple threads about this issue. It'd be good if they got consolidated (and even better if the bug is fixed)

Here are all the threads I could find on this issue, hope this helps:,3458.0.html,6538.0.html,8234.0.html,6006.0.html

Is the only workaround to set-up deferent animations or frames to correlate the scaling of collision on iOS for an actor?


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You can use an other animation/actor.
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