Stencyl 2.0 - Official Release (Updated Apr 21)


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Get Stencyl 2.0 (Official Release)
(Released: April 20th, 2012)

[Updated Apr 21] - Added in missing iOS files for Windows/Linux.

How to Upgrade from 1.4 -> 2.0

There is NO in-app update from 1.4 -> 2.0. You must download 2.0 from our site.

Read this article for details.

What's New in Stencyl 2.0?

Stencyl 2.0 is our first step towards making Stencyl a definitive, pro-grade game creation toolset. In 2.0, we've made significant improvements to Design Mode in order to make it more usable and productive experience.

Stencyl 2.1, 2.2 and further releases will touch other parts of the toolset and make them as fantastic as they can be.

Our next major release will address the perpetual question - Android support and long-term plans to build a unified, rock-solid platform to base all of our engines off of.

What's New? (Visual Summary)


Easy Block Picking (and Action Block picking)

Trash Can (just drag a block in!)

Pre-Shipped Behaviors (the ones that 90% of your games need)

Motion Behaviors Demo
Control Behaviors Demo

Publish to the Google Chrome Web Store

A Brand New Stencylpedia

Lesser Changes


- Reduced memory usage and leaks in the toolset.

- Shortcuts to flip between pages. All under the View menu. Context-dependent.

- Shortcut to create new attribute (Ctrl + B)

- Improved segmented button visuals to make "pressed" state clearer.

- Rebrand "messaging" as "Custom Events" - this involved a rework of that category in Design Mode
- Buttons for showing the workspace folder and games folder in your Explorer/Finder
- Social Media links in the Welcome Center

- Toggle Design Mode sidebar visibility
- Show Actor Attributes for Actors on behavior page to make it clear that they aren't truly hidden
- Simulate key press/release block
- Reveal location of exported resource

Full Change Log (before Launch)


- Certain for loop blocks don't allow 'break' block
- Show/hide/fade layer operates on both the tile layer and actors in that layer (Flash only for now)
- Forge's Behaviors Label became "Logic"
- Bad looking field on Prefs > Mobile
- Rename Actor -> Actor Type
- Fix up the Create New Attribute dialog
- "Who uses this?" Doesn't work for scenes
- TerrainRegions have a duplicate b2Fixture
- Controls named like methods from Array crash the engine
- SourceLists repaint badly after a dialog shows (yay this is fixed!)

[Feb 26 Fixes/Changes]
- Block Picker: Add support for effects, actor types, actor groups
- Fix for: Instance Customized actors were ignoring events
- Honor default values for attributes at the code level.
- Don't auto unpause upon initiating a scene switch
- Add Pre-Shipped Controls Behaviors
- Force an upconversion of a game to 2.0 before using to prevent weird errors
- Shortcuts for Behavior Pages
- Shortcuts for Actor -> Appearance Page
- Fixed up shortcuts for Sound Editor

[Feb 27 - Feb 29 Fixes/Changes]
- Prevent downloading or importing code mode behaviors into mobile projects.
- Prevent Screen dimming on iPhone/iPod
- Fix right-click menu share item.
- Notify users before performing project format upgrade to 2.0
- Omit blank events in 1.0 -> 2.0 converter
- Omit blank events when writing out file for preview
- [Pro] Mochi Pre-Loader Ads
- [Pro] Custom SWF Preloader

[Mar 1 - 3 Fixes/Changes]
- Add file size caps for iOS publishing. 20 MB for trial users, 100 MB for subscribers as a soft limit that we can raise.
- Change shortcuts for new animation / behavior to ctrl + m due to conflict.
- Fix the game rename feature so that changing name to same chars but diff case does not wipe out game.
- Make the game rename feature rename the folder, not copy it.
- Assume pre-shipped behaviors are under a fixed location. User-defined ones will be stored separately, later.
- Re-arrange a couple of the Scene category blocks to be more logical
- Shorten uses of "member of group" in blocks and events blocks
- Fix bug in language change to shorten "Choose blah" to "blah"
- Stick in always repeats icon into Events Pane
- Fix up flow category of block picker
- Finish the Legend
- Tweak the rename game wording
- Raise events pane initial width by 20px
- Fix resizing palette -> category buttons
- Show prompt when dismissing legend
- Shrink the palette by 60px

[Mar 4-11 Fixes/Changes]
- Flash Pro builds for subscribers
- EXE/APP exporting coming really soon
- Redo the Design Mode Legend / icon scheme to be simpler
- Reworked View Menu. Toggle the toolbar.
- Get scene by name block (under Scene > World)
- [FIX] Actor Behavior would not activate until save/reopen game
- [FIX] Attribute Equality. Check when either attribute involved changes. When First Number = Second Number = 5, does not trigger

[Mar 12-13 Fixes/Changes]
- Identify events that contain errors
- iOS: CollisionPoint not declared
- [Design Mode] Text in fields sometimes gets cleared out when scrolling up and down

[Mar 14-15 Fixes/Changes]
- Publish to Chrome Web Store

[Mar 16 Fixes/Changes]
- Fix when canceling Chrome Web Store publish
- Fix DM Block Resizing Problem when normal block dragged into action block parameter.
- Use colliding body group instead of actor group when checking Group-Group collision

[Mar 17-19 Fixes/changes]
- [FEATURE, PRO] Export to Standalone - existing customers will get an e-mail from me this week about this.
- Fix sound type dropdown background on Mac
- Fix font editor dropdowns on Mac.
- Fix: Do buttons on Windows gray out when disabled?
- Fix: Providing bogus image causes standalone app exporter to fail silently
- Fix: Block pick positioning of the menus was sometimes off
- Updates to Custom Preloader to use x/y/w/h
- Add scrollbar to Advanced Page
- Updated Mac version of splash to say "Stencyl" vs. "StencylWorks" - change to the Win/Lin version forthcoming.
- Tons and tons of work on Stencylpedia - you'll see it this week

[Mar 20-21 fixes/changes]
- [FEATURE, PRO] CPMStar Preloader Ads
- Fix: multi-touch coords wrong in landscape (fixed but not deployed in iOS patch yet)
- Tweak Add Event button to show a + to make the - button's purpose clearer
- Autodetect where Xcode is installed. Fixes breaking with Xcode 4.3 automatically.
- Check for valid icon sizes in Chrome exporter
- Ask updater to run "elevate" on Vista or 7 when running the patcher module. Do NOT run elevate on XP.
- Updated general version of splash to say "Stencyl" vs. "StencylWorks"
- Global rename of StencylWorks -> Stencyl within the app.
- Fix behavior snapshotting - notches were sometimes not drawing and some blocks were shifted downwards

(Dozens more changes past this but not of feature-worthy note.)

[Apr 21 fixes/changes]

Reporting Bugs


Development of Stencyl 2.0

Part 1: Stencyl 2.0 and Plans for 2012
Part 2: Events System
Part 3: Stencylpedia 2.0
Part 4: Better Block Picking
Part 5: Behavior Library
Part 6: Trash Can
Part 7: Import/Export Resources
Part 8: Auto-Cloning Blocks
Part 9: Mochi Pre-Game Ads

Addon A: Motion Behaviors Demo
Addon B: Behaviors Demo

Addon C: Publish Standalone (Desktop) Games
Addon D: Publish to the Chrome Web Store

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Looks awesome! Can't wait!


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It will be so nice :D
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Stencyl just gets more awesome every month.  8)


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I love the events idea, and I'm sure that you've got even better features for us, Jon.
I never realized there were so many people here. Stencyl for flash will always remain free, right?
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ok! let's do this! yay!


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Just FYI, I do plan on making a second tutorial set covering some of the changes, so that will hopefully help "plug the holes" in the current help sections.
If you need help, please check my tutorials either here or Kongregate ( or come over to my stream:


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Yay more time to study!

We are really 40,000?!?

So only one of four has already developed a game!
I feel like in the average :D

Quick questions
My project will be imported in 2.0 without problems?
Will be there an Android scene tester with mouse(or a touchpad if present) simulating the touch events?
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There will be a extended beta period where you'll be able to test out 2.0 to help us test for game compatibility.

We'll continue to offer 1.4 in the long term for those who need more time to get used to the new system or for those who wish to stick with the older software (such as those working on long term projects that want minimum risk), but we don't be officially supporting it (as in updating it) after 2.0 is released.

Yes, we're very close to 40k registered developers. The download count is even crazier, but we'll announce that one once we hit an ever cooler milestone (it's much, much higher than 40k).


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Very exciting developments all the time here!

Any projections or estimations as to when 2.0 will be released?


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So, just curious: Why is HTML5 considered any better than flash? Aren't you limited to specific browsers? What are the advantages?

     The new SW methods coming will take a little while to get used to, but I think they'll be much easier than setting up a boolean to have something trigger only once.


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Very exciting developments all the time here!

Any projections or estimations as to when 2.0 will be released?

We'll probably put a preview release it this coming week. It won't be a finished take but has the entire events system in it.


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Wow this looks awesome!


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Awesome, I will probably wait till this comes out before I start working on my next wholly new game.