Stencyl 2.0 - Official Release (Updated Apr 21)


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Outta curiosity, do you come from using Scratch? That's exactly what Scratch does for those kinds of blocks.


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Well auto cloning blocks is useless for me. I`m using an alt key.
PS: Are there many incomming features yet?
Currently waiting for joints in stencylworks.

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Outta curiosity, do you come from using Scratch? That's exactly what Scratch does for those kinds of blocks.

No, this is the first games kits I've used (apart from AndEngine for Android). I'm a PHP developer in my full time job.

What I described is what I get the urge to do every time I need to swop the blocks out.


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I wonder whether you know what's the purpose of this "Auto-Cloning" thing. Right, you can hold Alt+block to copy already existing "actor inside region" ("member of group"/"the actor"), but you need to get it first. And I found myself quite often using "for each actor of type" wrapper, then making some logic inside that, then looking for "the actor" block (because it wasn't on screen yet, so I couldn't just Alt+Copy it). Maybe it's not a major slowdown, but many of such little changes can improve the whole game-creating process significantly. ;)

(also, speaking of little improvements: I think that having attributes dropdown for setters mentioned in Suggestion Box somewhere around here could be nice as well! :o)


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Next thing, guys, work on a way to make stencyl create the games in my mind just by thinking at them... That would be cool. :p


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PS: Are there many incomming features yet?

Every single feature I've blogged about is part of the software already.

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Am I right in that you're asking for something like a drop down for things like +,-,* and / @Paullawton? If so then that's something I think would be awesome to have. Quite often I swap around logic in that exact process and it would really simplify things to just have drop-down instead.

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I agree with the dropdown suggestion since in a couple games I had to swap out a lot of + blocks for - blocks, with the numbers in them staying the same.  You could make a global custom block to do something similar where you type in the symbol instead, but that might be a small performance hit compared to the usual blocks.


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I agree with this suggestion about + and - blocks, swapping between them might get annoying at times. Maybe they shouldn't exactly have a great visible dropdown (like e.g. for X and Y getters/setters), but maybe so that arithmetic block when right clicked it shows not only default options (such as removal/duplication etc.) but also a menu "Swap with >" and there would be "[ ] + [ ]", "[ ] - [ ]", "[ ] x [ ]", "[ ] / [ ]" and "remainder of [ ] / [ ]".

(oh, and could you add a block "floor of [ ] / [ ]" as well? Right, there already is "floor of" block, but it's more general, while I found the former the most often, if not the only use of "floor" I've encountered so far!)


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Android isn't planned for 2.0. We're targeting it for the next major release - 2.5.

2.0 is slated to arrive around the end of February. We'll begin an official public beta of it this weekend.

Has the Beta started ? Or should I continue with the nightly ?


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I'm running it by the subscribers first, but when I announce it, it's going to continue to be the nightly builds you already can play with today.


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Man, all the changes looks amazing!
Not only the events, but the little things, like Block Picking!

I'm waiting the 2.0 final version with a smile :)


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would like to take this opportunity and say that I agree with the suggestion of swapping blocks (and I prefer using the right mouse button with an option to "swap" in the menu).

and also with the suggestion of using a single block "set" (in setters) with the pick ability for the attributes.

i think this will improve workflow a lot

tks for the updates, stencyl is becoming more amazing
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Can't wajt for stencyl 2.0.

When we'll be able to test our games on iOS?