Summer Game Jam (Ends June 30th - Win $100!) [ENDED]


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Game Jam Results

Summer Game Jam

The Premise

Now that Stencyl's launched, give us your best shot and make a complete game. There's no theme and no restrictions.

It just has to be a complete game (title screen, instructions, ending screen and the game itself at a bare minimum). You can work with as many or as few people as you'd like. We've run almost 10 jams and have found that more people past 2 rarely leads to a better outcome.

How to Submit

Publish your game to and post a link to your game and a 1-2 sentence description as a reply to this topic.


Games will be judged holistically. We'll look at the entire package and assign a rating of 1-10 in .5 increments. Each entry will receive a writeup from each judge.

The judges are Almyki, Hectate and Irock. In addition, I will review the results and provide my feedback and rating on some of the entries, but I will not formally be judging this jam.


June 30th @ 11:59 PM (Pacific Time)


$100 for 1st Place
$50 for 2nd Place
$20 for 3rd Place

Prizes are given out as gift cards.

Ineligible People

Those who are part of the Community Team or are tagged as Master Stencylers may not formally enter out of fairness to the public.

Everybody else may participate.

Other Terms

Jon and the Stencyl Team may change the contest terms at any time for any reason. When we do this, we'll post a reply to this topic, and the change, like any edit will be timestamped.

If the turnout of legitimate games is lower than a certain threshold around the end of the period, we will either cancel the contest or alter the duration. The threshold is 10 unique submissions (unique meaning from a different person - the same person submitting 10 times does not count!)

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I've updated the jam with all the details. You can consider it to have started.


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Um, one question I've been meaning to ask.  Would my pet game be eligible, even though I started I think before this jam was announced?  Or is that against the rules?

Thank you,
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Any game started in May is OK with me. With a month at stake, nobody's going to be significantly ahead of others based on prior history.


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Can you submit more than one entry?


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Yes, you can submit as many entries as you'd like.


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I know I'm a master Stencyler, but I'd like to 'enter' the contest anyway. I need to create more short, finished games. All these abstract behaviors and kits tend to ruin my inspiration.


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I miiiight not have the time to enter this one, since I'm getting my Boutique up on its feet, but I seriously CAN NOT WAIT to see the entries now that Stencyl is live and available to everyone. :D

Is this contest more geared towards showing off the programs intuition towards programers and using the in-program controls creatively? Or is it more geared towards showing off it's power with the incorporation of AS3?


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I think it really is just a way to encourage every one to try and make a game. Of course, the better the game, the more likely the prize. But, you are free to enter whatever game you make with Stencylworks, so make a hundred, or make one really awesome one.
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Yeah, the idea is to make the best game you can within the time limit.

Thanks for the quick reply, I look forward to exploring the program! Good luck on your new launch!


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Are there any restriction on music used and graphics used....I have a lot of ideas, but I cannot make my own music or graphics.


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Are there any restriction on music used and graphics used....I have a lot of ideas, but I cannot make my own music or graphics.

Good question, I'd also like to add: In case of restriction, are music under creative-commons license allowed?


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Yep, in the case of creative commons you can use the content but need to give credit.