Summer Game Jam (Ends June 30th - Win $100!) [ENDED]

Here is my submission: Eurhythmia Superlite Preview Edition

This is absolutely nowhere near where I plan it to be, but it's a fairly straightforward rhythm game. Due to filesize limitations, there's only one song available to play at the moment, but later versions will have a fairly extensive indie soundtrack with 4 musicians currently signed on to contribute (thanks to Josiah Tobin for the track in this preview edition) and players will be able to play with their own music libraries at a later point.


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Here's my (last minute) submission.
Planet Green!

The year is 2XXX, and for centuries Earth has been sending objects into orbit. Today, for unknown reasons, these objects are in danger... of falling back to Earth!
Overt disaster by blasting the space junk to pieces before it causes carnage on the planet below. Use technology found along the way to assist you on your mission. Do well, and you will be handsomely rewarded. Miss and you'll be charged for damages.

On a planet that has worked for generations to achieve self sustainability and a pollution free atmosphere, it is now up to you to keep this planet green!


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After much work to get this in by the last minute, I find Stencyl hates me my game is too large to upload or something...
So I would like to still enter, but had to make a few concessions.
1) There is no music.
2) I couldn't upload it to the site, the best I could do was get it on StencylForge.  I don't even know if that's legal within this contest.
3) It wouldn't let me rename it, so it's under the terrible old name of "Rolling thing pushes non-rolling things."


Anyway, description:
An adventurous circle leaps into action to defend his country.  Stop the evil squares by pushing them into ditches.  And get popcorn.


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I attempted to download your game (dragonfrog) on SF, and it would not work. I think the problem though, is the fact that it is 45mb. If I am not mistaken, there is a size limit for forge, and I don't think it warns the user about it.

Anyway, I am replying to it here because you left IRC before I could say anything.
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i wont have any of mine ready by the deadline it seems :(


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45 MB is about triple what the server accepts. You're free to upload it to dropbox and link to it here.


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Here is my submission:
Action Newton

A fun physics platformer for all.

The scores are working only in Kongregate.
There are a still few bugs to iron out, so that's why I'm keeping my Kongregate version unpublished.


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Maybe you guys want it on forge too, so here it is (it was giving me lip about being a WIP, so I put it on the public category):


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We'll probably be able to announce our results by Friday, possibly a bit earlier. Due to the volume of entries (over twice our previous max), it's understandably going to take longer than normal.

The judge choices have been added to the first post. While I won't formally be judging this jam, I will review the results and attach my comments on a few of the entries. I've played most of them by this point.


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The website itself takes a 15 MB filesize limit to my knowledge.
Hi, all! I'm KungFuFurby, music composer. If you're looking for some music for your game, just PM me.
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Judging finished today. We did lose a judge over a personal emergency, but the consensus was so consistent between the other 2 judges and myself (we all placed the top 5 games in the same order) that the third judge wouldn't have changed the outcome.

We'll announce the results this weekend.


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I haven't submitted an entry... :'( But i'm excited in the outcome of this... ;D Can't wait for the decision.


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So, uh, when are the judges decicions revealed?


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They'll come soon. It takes time to put together all the announcements and so forth.


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Just a shout out to all participants that it's OK to update your games in case you were wondering. We're done with the judging and don't want to hold you back from issuing your updates.