Iceberg Frenzy, my first iOS game, is now available!


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Thanks to iStencyl, I have finally released my first publicly playable iOS title called Iceberg Frenzy.

It is a very simple FREE game (sorry, iPad only right now) where you use the tilt controls to guide your penguin around an iceberg eating fish trying to avoid ice cubes that would push you off into the water. It has Game Center integrated with High Scores, Best Combos, and Best Times. I will probably be adding achievements in the near future as well. The game play is kind of similar to Tilt-To-Live.

Unfortunately, I've already identified a couple bugs that I didn't notice before publishing, but they are not game-breaking and I should have an update soon. I would really appreciate it if you could take a few minutes to check out my game and maybe give it a review on iTunes. I'm extremely proud of the fact that I was able to design the entire game by myself (except the music) and I look forward to starting on my next project. Thanks for your support!


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Looks really nice. Im gona grab it later and rate it :). Good luck with the sales.


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Congrats! I liked the game a lot, and you placed well in the game jam (shhh....).

Like I've said to everybody so far, a 250 x 150 PNG of the game and a 1 sentence description to my e-mail would be great, so I can add it to our showcase.