Winter Game Jam Results


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Super Belly Boarder
by Aasimar

Runners Up

Never Eat Yellow Snow
by H1rnz1lla

Iceberg Frenzy
by x70x

Other Entries

Lighting All the Way (Viking Potato)
About a Snowflake (Satyre)
Santa Roller (thebigdooz)
Santa's Sleigh Ride (pjohnson)
Merry Christmas (Snails123)

Our Thoughts

Every participant in this game jam was relatively new to Stencyl, and for most of them, this was their first complete game.

Some of the ideas were original. Some were less so but well executed. Ultimately, we gave the nod to the well-executed entries. The winning entry was particularly polished, immersive and fun to play and a great fit for the medium. It's hardly our most original or ambitious game, but it's found a good home on the iPhone and will perform well on the App Store.


Thanks again to everybody who participated! We'll e-mail you the judging results privately. Winners will be contacted privately about prizing.

Since the games were meant to be played on the phone, we couldn't put together a compelling gallery this time around. Instead, when the games get published to the store, we'll highlight them on our showcase and in social media.

Thanks everyone! We'll be running our next game jam in February.

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Congratulations to all winners! Nice games!


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Congratulations! I'll be looking forward to the next Game Jam!


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hehe yay!

it was a lot of fun and work for me. i will try to publish my game as a free app too.
looking forward to the next jam, keep up the good work!


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Thanks and congrats to all of you guys!

I'm very proud! Hope you enjoy this little game, soon more bigger!

Here is a link for the website :
iTunes link :

If you download it, please review it! Some promocode here!


Thanks to Stencyl, this tool is amazing.

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Hey, Aasimar

Congratulations on the win ! :)

I took, WH3XLHYNMEMP.  Although it never gets as far as as the playing screen, keeps crashing for some reason, I'm on iPod Touch 4G, latest iOS. :/


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Have you made the update and try to reboot the device?


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Congrats to the other winners! If you have an iPad, the link in the original post above brings you to the iTunes page for my game, Iceberg Frenzy. I had a lot of fun working on it and I give major props to Jon and the Stencylworks team for making such a great development platform. On to my next game!


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Congratulations to the winners!


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Awesome job everyone! Especially to Aasimar Super Belly Boarder!
Check out my games:
Check out my up-and-coming-blog:
I always accept questions, comments, suggestions, and jokes!


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Love the eye candy in super belly boarder! Grats! ;D


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Looks great!  I took TA6WM77NHK7R.


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Great game! I took NKYJN66MW994.