What games have you completed in the past?


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I've completed no less than five and made no less than seven games in the past:

The first one, Dragon Kingdoms, was made way back in 1998. It is being replaced by its remake, Dragon Kingdoms: Birth of a Legend, which started in the summer of 2007.

From its second version in 2008

Third version in 2009

Current version

Yeah, there's not a lot to be said here.

The second game, Dragon Kingdoms II, had screens up on Great Games Experiment, but that site went down recently, which creates a bit of a gap here. The game was made in 1999.

The third game, Dragon Kingdoms III was made in the year 2000, on a now under-used RPG Maker 95. I do have screens and a download for this one.


The fourth game, Dragon Kingdoms IV, was made in 2001 with RPG Maker 2000.


The fifth game... take a guess. It's... Celestial Descent! This game was made in 2002 with RPG Maker 2000, but was cancelled roughly halfway into development.


The sixth game, Dragon Kingdoms V, was made in 2004 with RPG Maker 2000.


The final game, Dragon Kingdoms VI, is in progress, being made with RPG Maker VX.

This is from its second version in 2008.

Other interesting things:

I made this for an event at another site recently. The behemoth there is known as William, the blue-haired guy next to him is Thomas, and the blond haired guy is Akahr, sitting on his cape. The HUD to the left and the map to the right should look better when put in-game.

A 3d render of the starting island of Birth of a Legend, which I'm not sure where I'm going to put it.

Hopefully, Stencyl will do this long running series some justice.


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No one else has any games that they've completed or worked on? That's a bit sad. Of course, back then, Stencyl was just getting started.


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Well, my works list has them all.

The number of games that I worked on and were ever completed before Stencyl was... I can safely say zero. I had a bad case of lack of focus back them. The very first game that was indeed completed was the Nine Pixel Game by me (I intentionally made the game extremely low-resolution.).

As for contributions? I'm going to be honest: before Stencyl, nothing was completed. Now, I have five complete soundtracks with their corresponding complete games (one of them my very own Nine Pixel Game), and seven more with their soundtracks complete, but the games either never being released or still in development (The ones that I have definitely never heard from again were Gravibot, Sinful Ash and an unknown platformer by JanGames). Out of the five complete games, one of them is missing: Scribble Star! Where could that game have gone?  :(

And this describes how some people think my music is created so quickly:
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My Works List for Non-Stencyl Games
My Works List for Stencyl Games


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The only games I've made are terrible Scratch games. I'm hoping to be making some cool Stencyl games pretty soon, though.


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I had made one game, that required PowerPoint to operate it. It was called PowerPoint Platform, and all it was was a mouse maze sort of game. It had 40 levels, a not-so-good boss chase, and a three-phase boss. There were a few minor bugs, like missing hyperlinks, but it was ok for an unprofessional. It recieved some positive feedback, such as that the boss phases were hard.
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Ive only done one game for one of JayIsGames.com contests

Its an puzzle exploration game



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Technically, I have made at least 13 games that are still on the internet.  12 of those were made in less than 2 hours, though, so probably don't count. 

Moon Harpoon was made for the GAMMA IV one button game contest.  It's about harpooning moon-whales and other moon-life for points and glory.  It's a 4 player game where each player only has one button.  It only uses 8 colors in a palette inspired by Jetpac, mainly.  It's actually not bad! It's also where my moon-man icon comes from. 


You can find more info about the rest of my games at my blog:



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Here's my released games (flash) : http://greg-anims.com/?page_id=6
You're games are great XD Loved the use boxmen game and the overdose game the most XD


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I've played the overdose one a long time ago. It was addictive!
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I Made A Bunch Of Scratch Games Before
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Most of my games are at http://pwp.etb.net.co/dokuser. In BAJAR, GRATIS and NUEVOS you can find:

-A link to a soccer game I made found at http://juegos.admin-techs.com
-In BAJAR you can download Cyber Parqués, a Parcheesi-like adaptation. Also Cyber Bichos, a shoot'em up.
-In NUEVOS you find Letrix (a pack of 4 word games)

My newest game is at http://www.stencyl.com/game/play/6743


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I started playing around with game creation back on my father's old Apple II. However, if I limit myself to games created after the internet was invented ;) I have been using Game Maker to create the following:

Stellar Jetman  http://sandbox.yoyogames.com/games/41753-stellar-jetman-10

This was a remake of an old hidden gem of a NES game called Solar Jetman (original can be played here:http://nintendo8.com/game/267/solar_jetman_-_hunt_for_golden_warpship/). You travel to 4 or so alien worlds in your mothership, which lands on the planets and sends out a smaller ship to explore around the planet's caverns looking for power-ups and hunting down boss-alien ships to destroy. If you tractor beam power-ups back to your mothership, you can use them when docked with the mothership to customize your explorer ship. If your explorer ship gets destroyed, your pilot flies out with a jetpack and you can still save him if you make it back to the mothership in one piece.

Overall, it's a rough but fun exploration game.

Treasure Raider  http://sandbox.yoyogames.com/games/32140-treasure-raider

This one has a mechanic like the board game "labyrinth". You are in a maze with walls that can be shifted or rotated around to create paths. From there you must avoid traps and try to collect treasure chests for points.

A nice short game. A little too hard at the end, but otherwise kinda neat. I've been told it's fun to squish enemies in the moving walls.

Catch Bots  http://sandbox.yoyogames.com/games/48631-catch-botz

In this game, you control two robots at once. They throw an orb to each other that can be used to smash enemies to clear the level. You get more points for smashing more enemies with one shot.

For this game I was going for a retro-look, but it didn't really turn out. Don't let anyone tell you retro-graphics are easy, they still take good design decisions to look classic. Ignoring the graphics on this one, it's not a bad game with a lot of levels. It's partly an action game involving aiming and avoiding traps, but also partly a puzzle game where you try to figure out how to hit multiple enemies with a single shot.

Galatics  http://sandbox.yoyogames.com/games/162236-galatics

This one is a simple tactical game where you move fleets of ships around a system of planets to destroy your opponent's base. The enemy AI adjusts it's difficulty during play to vary the pace of the game, give you a challenge, but also adjust to your skill level.

This one is probably my best overall game in terms of production-level. It sure took a long time to make. I'm pretty happy with it, although I had to remove a lot of cool features I had planned due to time constraints. But I think it still holds up and can be fun. Not too long either, if your good with strategy games.

And that brings me to my first Stencyl game:
Asteroids Plus  http://www.stencyl.com/game/play/4223

It's an asteroids game where you collect gems mined from asteroids and return them to planets to score points. The more you return at one time, the more points you get but the harder the enemies that come after you. So, you can play it safe or push your luck.

I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, and it only took a few weeks to create which really tells you something about Stencyl's capabilities. It might be the most fun simple game I have made.

Thanks for reading, and for trying out some of the games if you had time. I hope to make many more as I learn Stencyl, and maybe collaborate with some of the creators of the fine games listed in this thread :)


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@IRock Ha, I remember playing those Eye of the Tiger games, didn't know you made them.