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Hey all. I finally got around to actually making a little game called Totality.

Thanks to the Stencyl community for helping me with many of the questions I had while learning Stencyl.

Suggestions, critiques, opinions, bugs, and everything else are welcome.

Stencyl link:

Kongregate link:


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I can't figure out how to get up one of those lifts, the one just after the horizontal platform and the toggled trees.


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I really liked it - the story wasn`t that well polished, though.
A bit of text at the end would have been nice.

@rob: a little tip - you can drop a key with S.
@EatoreHippo: Maybe you should habe mentioned this ingame.
I apologize for my bad English, I´m still learning it.


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I love the art, keep up the good work. :)
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