My Export Game Crashes


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Hello Everyone when trying to load my game in stencyl it plays well with no prob. But when i export it and try to load it it crashes my browser or adobe flash player plz need help.


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Quote from: logfile
[ERR] Instance Value: [Saw of Demise, Gutcutting, Dashing, Inuki Doriruuu, Drive Through, Unheard Stab, The Gorey Turbine, Heart Taker, Explosive Beat Down, Hyper Meteor Kick Three Thousand 9000, Wind Cutter, Raising Splitter, Bloody Twist, Spinning Alone, Overhead Buster, Light Slash, Light Attack, Heavy Slash, Heavy Attack, ...
:o I hope you will solve the problem, it sounds like your game has some cool animations.

Sorry for being off topic, I can't really help you here.


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I think this is typically caused by a sound file in the wrong bitrate (needs to be 44.1khz). Try removing sounds until it works, then you can try to figure out how to make that sound work.