What are you working on?


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What are you working on these days?

(If you want to keep a journal, start a topic for that instead.)

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I'm working at a steady pace on Super Rocketeer. My hope was to have a demo available for launch, and while I'm happy with the core mechanics of the game, there aren't many levels, so either I hurry up for my deadline or I'll hold off until I have a meatier demo to present.

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Haven't had much time these days to do much in game creation what with exams coming up and all, but I think I can say a few things.

I think that it'll be okay to release at least a small mock-up on what Luyren and I are working on currently. We don't actually have a name for this game yet, heh. I'm quite excited on my part because I can use my more recent pixelling skills to flesh out graphics more so than Dungeon Rush!'s 'style' allowed me to.

I'm also planning a kind of stealth game. Still working out the details. It's all very hush-hush you know. ;)


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Currently Ethan and I are working on the cutscene for ASLoF - however, it is rather tedious, so it is taking us some time to get it worked out, in fact we have cut the # of them down for this reason. Unfortunately progress is also slow on it because I am trying to find a job, which hasn't been going so well for me. :p As much time as I spend in front of my computer all day, it is taking its toll on me and find that sometimes I just don't want to do anything at all.
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The Binding Force. This is a shop where you buy things.


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Entirely different. It has nothing to do with games.


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For Stencyl, I'm working on ideas and sprites for a simple RPG. But the kit is still in progress, so I'm taking my time. I'm also working on sprites for a new game that's set in a "world" I created years ago, for a different game. It's certainly flexible enough I could make various games in that world. It's going to be some kind of action platformer, I was going to use Luyren's Action RPG Kit, but I can't find it...But, I actually like how the graphics are turning out so far. No shading as usual, but it actually looks sorta NES-ish, so it's not as "incomplete" looking.

Non-Stencyl wise, I still think about some of my other game ideas. It's not uncommon for me to get random ideas for older game ideas that I just have to write down and develop. Fortunately I get more ideas for adding to older ideas rather than completely new ones, so I have less abandoned ideas.


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Slowly finishing up Crazy Golf and starting to plan out a new game idea - a run and gun type game with some unusual mechanics, such as the weight of the weapons and items you're carrying affecting jump height and running speed.


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Been busy with so much else, I decided to hold off on making anything new until launch. I've got a bunch of new ideas though, so we'll see what direction I go in sfter that point.
Other than that, I've been finishing up these ATCs in my spare time. As rare as it is.
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You know that guy who kept restarting Duke Nuke'm Forever? Yeah, I think he's my real dad '-'. Seriously, I feel this tick with every little thing in Galaxy Star, it needs to be perfect, it has to be perfect, and it's driving me nuts.

But I'm making progress, all coding except for bosses and the HUD is complete and have been primarily working on graphics recently:

No enemies shown because their graphics aren't complete, I'll be working on them today through.

I've also got a new project that I really want to launch, but I'm not letting myself work on it at all until GS is 100% playable. So, if anyone's got any meds for perfectionism, just leave them on that park bench in the Moderator's Corner.

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I've been polishing up Quaintbrush for Indiecade 2011:


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My summer has just started, so I've wanted to get back into trying something for Stencyl, especially so near launch.  Unfortunately, when I revisit old game ideas I want to rip apart all my old content and remake it (unproductive) or I hit a dead end inspiration-wise and want to make things more complicated to make things interesting (also unproductive) .

So right now I'm kicking my old ideas to the sidelines and scribbling as many other game ideas out that come to mind instead.  Basically, brainstorming.  I've been writing ideas on a simple pet game,on a Pokemon-like game, RPG-like alternatives to battle games, sim or building games, just a myriad of stuff.  The one that looks most likely for me to try is the pet game, which I'm considering making as a Pokefangame as a tribute to my favorite, Eevee.  But I don't know.  I had toyed with a dress-up game with a pixel doll before, mostly as an excuse to practice pixel art, but when my computer died I lost what little I had started, so I may try restarting work on that too.  I'm so stuck on making a VN though, I can't kick the want to make one.

Basically I'm waffling around, locked in place by my chronically paralyzing indecision.  But it looks like that pet game is the most likely for me right now; I've written a lot down, and it looks like I can keep it fun for me but still pretty simple gameplay-wise.  I've also considered painting generic backgrounds for game-use but that's not really a 'game', and I'm unsure that such backgrounds are even used much in most types of games.

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My current project is basically a WIP RPG project called Royale. Currently, I'm in the middle of creating the menus and just started to create a few character sprites to go along with them. Let's just say Heimdall 2 is the visual inspiration for this project. Other than that, I'm just brain storming away.
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I've been slowly learning how to use Stencyl and quietly jotting down game ideas as they come to my head.


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Ive gone straight into making games after 1.5 hours of learning. I messed up my first game THE PLATFORMS and went into doing THE PLATFORMS 2  which will probably be out before 5/6/11.
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