What are you working on?


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Right now I'm working on two games.
A platformer that will hopefully have collectible items, many enemies, bosses, and lots more stuff.
A button game featuring a female abusive button. It's female since the name that fit best was feminine. Doesn't portray my views of female humans or other creatures at all.
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I've been working on a new game (my first flash)  But I'm having problems with it.  Is anyone willing to help out a noob?
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All my games are on a halt. I'm working now on a set of behaviors that simulate the events page of RPG Maker and other programs. Working on conditional events now. Would this be useful for anyone out there?

After this, I'll resume my metroidvania.
My Stencyl resources are available here: https://luyren.itch.io/
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@Luyren: I might have some use for that, but I already have stats being set as attributes.
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Working on a casual game... I really don't know what genre it falls under other than that, I'm in the middle of re-creating it due to performance reasons.


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I'm working on a puzzle platformer, which involves cloning monkeys and using them to collect coffee (bananas are overdone really..)


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I'm working on a new platform game, when he walks left so he blinks eyes left :D and etc...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z1MEi0J_SKE this is video for blink eyes but is black white and actor is small now =)
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Im working on a full version of the game I did for Ludum Dare 21



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I'm working on a side scrolling game that has defeated me twice with the bugs it keeps producing this is a fun project I'm doing kinda like a pet project that turned into a bigger project  that I refuse to lose to so now its a battle between me and the game :(.
The main event is The Immortal Ones but stencyl and I haven't advance far enough to do much to it yet plus there is some bugs in it to but right now my side scrolling one is front stage with it I have learned a lot and with the knowledge I gain I will use it on The Immortal Ones.
The Immortal Ones the game is going to be huge once I get the behaviors right in the end I will be lucky if The Immortal Ones isn't over 1gb in size.
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I'm working on three (3!) educational games to help children with dyslexia learning English as a foreign language. Details at http://caldys2.eu/ and http://caldys2.net.newport.ac.uk/


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I'm working on three (3!) educational games to help children with dyslexia learning English as a foreign language. Details at http://caldys2.eu/ and http://caldys2.net.newport.ac.uk/

That's very awesome!


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Well, my game is kinda on hiatus now since the person who was supposed to make my tileset... disappeared? Anyway, it's a playable demo now, so check it out and lemme know what you think!


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Im working on a game called Sketch Land its gonna be Sweet as my first major project! :D
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im working on a puzzle game, while i learn stencyl and as3 and wait for istencyl be open for everyone. is about to put letters together and create words, im trying to make this a fun game.
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A sidescroller action game, for my Senior Project. About 10-12 pages of drafting so far, some minor image work (I'm bad at art) and a little dabbling in Stencyl to get a feel for the program.

The objective of my Senior Project is just to go through the development process of a game and produce its resources by scratch and/or by commission; there isn't enough time in the trimester to learn Stencyl, create art/music/story script/world background, program system stuff and put everything together into a playable product.

The game itself will play like an old project of mine done in Game Maker, side-view and with a couple different characters with different playstyles.
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