What are you working on?


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Currently working on a full turn-based strategy game similar to Advance Wars for the DS. This is nowhere near presentable at the moment (due to pitiful graphics and incomplete gameplay) but is coming together nicely.

I can't give away too may details but I can guarantee that there will be a full AI, multiplayer, and possibly a campaign mode.


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Currently working on an far-too-big-for-my-own-good story-driven rpg sidescroller with a fellow artsy friend.
I have to admit that stencyl is quite something to work with but I feel motivated to finally finish my first game.

Working on a pretty straight forward platformer to learn the ropes.  Nothing too exciting, though the enemies charging was significantly more bug ridden than I expected, think I've ironed them out though.

No graphics to speak of yet, just working on the mechanics at this point.

I adore the reaction of the cubes. It is so funny when they jump up when they've seen you. :D
Also the detail that they actually get stunned when hitting a wall is awesome.
These details make gameplay fun.


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Currently Im working on a new game Called WallJumper which is the first of its kind
Its a new genre which is Wall Scaler
It requires you to scale walls using a tool called the Gravity Shot
You can find the thread here: http://community.stencyl.com/index.php/topic,16608.0.html
Coming Soon: WallJumper The Game
Release Date: Early 2013
Genre: Wall Scaler
A New Genre of Video Gaming has Begun


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Just a game that I am working on :D...Tell me if you like the graphics beacuse I think its a little bad  ;D


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Working on a RPG game. Hope to beat Zenoniaâ„¢

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Making a RPG game, based on Zelda. Already got a Pixel Artist and a programmer (me). Looking for music, but I'll probably use some that are already out there. I'm not officially looking for someone, but if you're interested PM me.

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What game is everyone making, shooters? Running, scrollers? Space shooters? Anyone making a RPG game, am making one?


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Grumpy cat the game.

Its going to be a huge project (For my laziness)


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I had this awesome experience of my laptop dying and not connecting with the hard disk, thus making it near impossible to retrieve the needed files for my team's shmup project  :-[

Thankfully, a friend of mine was able to get them, though only the art assets and not the code...  During that time I decided to tinker with a platformer just to keep my skills fresh, but it kinda grew on me and stayed focused on it til now.  It's only 17 stages filled with a couple enemies here and there, platforms with a daring jump distance, and most importantly... lava pits!  :D

So far, so good.  Just need to wait for the player character to get made (mean time using Mambo as a placeholder) and designing two more bosses.


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Currently working on a metal slug remake, but i have some problems with the script and i am too lazy to rip sprites in high qualiy, so i wait until some new sprites come out. Anyone who is kind enough and wants to help, PLEASE HELP ME!
To everyone else: Dont remind me that it might be illegal to remake a game that was released in 1996.


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Currently working on a metal slug remake...Don't remind me that it might be illegal to remake a game that was released in 1996.

The Metal Slug IP is under copyright and is a trademark owned by SNK Playmore! The franchise is active with releases as recent as February 2013.
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i know, i own all the yet released copies. But there are no new Meal slug games released, they are all just ports.


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[...] and i am too lazy to rip sprites in high qualiy, so i wait until some new sprites come out.
This form of lazyness will get you nowhere, trust me.

Instead of waiting for someone to rip more sprites, you could instead start working on an original game with your own assets.
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