What are you working on?


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I am working on a game where you shoot out of a gun, and it has to hit a coin.  The only thing I can't get to work is the way you can unlock levels, and where if you hit a certain amount of coins it goes to the next level, or the levels menu.


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I've been working on what seems to be 5,000 ideas and I have each of them 1% complete.  I've had tons of ideas for games in the past, but none of them seem to fit in the limitations of both Stencyl and myself.  So, I'm reworking every past idea and fusing them with modern concepts with emphasis on gameplay and replayability.  Here's what I came up with:

TILES: Vertical mobile game. In addition to a very dark, clean metal tileset, I have white tile actors that can be altered to have different abilities and must be activated in certain places and ways to help the Subject get to the exit of each chamber.  Much like the gel levels in Portal 2, but 2D. I can't get the morphing tiles to work, though...if anyone thinks they can help, please talk to me.

Pixelution: I don't know if I can ever make this one happen.  You start as one square in a very 8-bit world, and as you collect points from your environment and level up, you get to evolve through numerous upgrades to gain different powers for exploring different areas.  I was thinking of having six different fields, if you will, each with one boss monster in it to kill - Poison swamp, Volcano mountains, Ice caves, Obelisk desert, City skies, and Whirlpool waters - surrounding the very bland spawn area.

NAMELESS TEST PROJECT: Simple top down game (for mobile?) where, in a few different arenas with assorted walls and holes, enemies spawn like crazy and you must kill them all.  Upgrades for improved shooting, invincibility, and coins to collect to progress, are enemy drops.  This simple cliche is designed around minimalist controls and random enemy spawns to keep it fresh and enjoyable without need for detailed level design.

Supervillain: Inspired by the Balloons example, your character decides to take over the world using his new invention, the Cannon of Destruction.  Civilians wander around the platformer scene, vehicles drive by and buildings stand tall while you line up your shots to cause as much damage as possible in the time limit.  Platforms can, and must, be destroyed.  Alternate ammo spawns monsters or fires upon hit, and you must use your wits and given resources in each level to meet certain damage costs in each city until you devastate the entire world.

If anyone wants to know more, advise me, or provide behaviors and or artwork for my projects (please do not steal), I would love to hear from you.  Good luck, fellow designers.

I'm learning new things in Stencyl every day, but I've decided to do a semi-retro (is that a real thing? :)) platformer called stories of >CODE.


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My princess game is currently seeking a background artist, so in the meantime I'm working on another prototype.

Going way back to basics with a classic arcade shooter:

Mostly it's just a test of a bunch of enemy behaviors, but it's coming along quite nicely.

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Working on Mambo Breaks Free (a platformer with ball and chain as weapon and grappling hook.
I'm currently stuck on a FPS problem. It goes clear down to like 8 FPS sometimes according to the debug ~.

Also working on Frankensteined Grapple Hook (the mess I currently have is on StencylForge)


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As a noob I've finished the crash courses and I am wanting to jump into the reason I started Stencyl. My own games.
I have 2 really big projects in mind as I stated in my Intro on the chit chat forum.
I want to make a CCG for mobile and a sandbox dual world game. But first I'm working on the CCG.
I have quite a bit done: The concept and game rules are complete.
I have a few card images complete (like 10) and a few 'base' card templates that I can use just need to add images and card effects. Not really a lot of work to do on the effects its the images that takes forever.
What I'm actually trying to do right now is add in a 'dice roller' to the game where 2 -10 sided dice bounce across the screen and land on the appropriate numbers and then adds the sum of the two dice to the player's income pool or bank. That's the task for this week. I got the dice images I want to use as per the attachment its now the coding.....


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I'm working on a FreeCell variant, yes in Stencyl. Yes I will provide my solution to poker games when I'm closer to being done.


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Well, as i suffer from a major artistic ability deficiency, I've started work on an art package (in stencyl) designed specifically for the creation of isometric stuff, the biggest hurdle is exporting, as it's pretty much a case of take a screenie and adjust images in the art program of your choice, and as such transparancy effects which are built in, do not export, but it's still looking pretty good so far.


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Haven't been incredibly active on stencyl online but actually doing quite a bit on stencyl off line. I post a while ago that I was going to try to work on a card game. I have got quite a bit accomplished in the designing of the cards. like 85. I want to ask for some critiques at this stage. I have included a image for people to see an idea of what I'm thinking of so far. I'm intentionally leaving out the art of the cards because I'm not an artist and I have just been working on the functionality of the cards up till now.


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Sorry I haven't been around here, along with not working on any projects with Stencyl. As of now, I'm working towards some sort of prototype for what I should have soldiered on with but didn't simply because the font editor didn't allow for shadows and borders around it (yeah, talk about a stupid reason for getting demotivated).
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I just made a simple prototype of a platform runner...
Is not working very well but...



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I am currently working on art for other people. I have applied to work on art at EliteGames
I own Marcum Games


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I am glad to tell you i am working on a game about a man that lost his joggers(sweat pants) and his quest is to find them i am nearly done the game hears the demo but the games title is going to be "wheres my joggers" when it comes out. Please enjoy and comment the first level changed in full version and a lot of things. :D :) 8) ;D


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