What are you working on?


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I'm working on a Viking hack n slash RPG with a friend of mine. We're trying to follow SCRUM-methodology as a training exercise during development. What we have so far (will be updated as we go along):


Planned features are:
-Raiding parties
-Character progression
-Character customization
-Lots of roguelike features

We were choosing between Unity using its new 2D features and Stencyl but this time Stencyl won out mostly because it can export to flash but also because of, well, Stencyl just being really cool!
"It came from the forest!" a zombie defense shooter
Also, check out my RPG inventory system on stencyl forge or test it: http://www.stencyl.com/game/play/25268
Current project (hack n slash RPG): http://www.stencyl.com/game/play/25366
I also do Unity development both 2D and 3D


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Only a title screen at the moment, but I'm working on my 2nd Stencyl project. Another Android project.. Still deciding on other platforms.

My Critter Android http://bit.ly/1gJyUs4
TI's FB Page: http://on.fb.me/1ijla4Y
Deadly Space Boss Arena 2: http://goo.gl/KIuowG

Follow me on Twitter: @jettas88


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I've begun work on a platformer. In its currents state, I have named it "Super Awesome Robot Game" (Title may chance).
The game is in a pre-alpha, and as the situation stands right now, I fell I wanna just, work, and work on it, until it's truly done. I have a few of the levels down, and I have a main character. Looking forward to finishing it, and putting it up here!

It's on the arcade! In alpha. Here's the link: http://www.stencyl.com/game/play/26887

Have a good one.


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C A Bertrand

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 I'm working on a kinda wizard game, where you earn XP and use it to upgrade and unlock magical powers. I might call it Pixel Wizard, but I'm not sure.
 Anyway, I haven't even used the scoreboard blocks and stuff for Kongregate and other sites but I thought if the scoreboard updated fast enough, and you wouldn't need to reload the screen, you could use the scoreboard as a way to determine what the other players are doing. For example, if P1 presses the right key, which also sets the player one actor going to the right. Then the score for P1 is set to '1'. Then, on the second computer, it sees that the score for P1 is '1', and it knows that score '1' for P1, means set motion for P1 to the right. But then again it might not work. I'm not sure.


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Aside from the Final Warrior remake, I've been thinking about making simple but fun platformers - and to keep my creative juices flowing.


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 :) Hellos Everyone.
I have been working on a Action-RPG much like Zelda or Mana and I got the basic code from forge here. I have run into a few snags on it-- namely it runs about .0001 FPS and I don't know why. It was fine until a few days ago when I started to put in the coding on some of the backup player actors. -- secondly I'm having an issue with creating the menu scene. I got the Inventory code from forge but I'm not understanding how to make the user interface actually interact. The game is like old school retro 90's so the graphics aren't awesome and it should be simple cursor movement and select with a single button from a list in the menu but I can't figure out how to do the menu so that it switches between the options such as items, equipment, status, etc.
Anyways, that's what I'm working on.


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I would like to spread my non-pixelated Platformer game in progress made with Stencyl.
It's called Erasers and it's all about Mana and magic  :D

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It has a very FEZ like aesthetic,

A little too much for my taste. I would be careful showing it like this in a kickstarter video, people might complain about this because some of the background tiles look too similar.

Check out my newest game: Blowy Fish!


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Indian game? you mean Indie game?


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That's quite interesting, Dr. Reddy.

I understand that this is an educational game with editing capabilities which could be powerful. How are you planning to deploy this tool to? Are you going to be targeting mostly teachers to start with? Can this game be used with other languages besides English?

Keep up the good work. I'll be following this thread closely

Wow, is my reply to this post late! The games were finished, tested and are still being used by teachers in at least a dozen countries :-) but looking back they are dated. I'd do things very differently now, of course, and a whole new version of Stencyl is now here; I used heavily modified v2.2 for my development. The target audience is/was language teachers and people supporting children with dyslexia (parents, support workers, etc). We used Drupal (a PHP powered Content Management System or CMS) driving an SQL database of mod scripts for each game template. Most of the games were language neutral, meaning that they could be used with/in any language; this required us to write our own bespoke text drawing and keyboard input functions, as the games had to deal with non standard character sets beyond the usual Latin ASCII. In all, we had to support at least three different character sets and five distinct languages; Bulgarian was my favourite, Cyrillic text like Russian. Quite a challenge!

As for me, I took an unexpected 'holiday' from game development after the course I was running was culled in education cuts within South Wales universities :-( and I was in a road traffic incident (they don't like 'car crash' or 'accident' in official circles), which left me rather the worse for wear, with little time for making games. After some time off I was back teaching, but mostly filling in when other lecturers were made redundant or redeployed; my university was 'merged' (read 'taken over' and 'asset stripped' to be honest) with a larger neighbour, where I previously worked for 12 years.

And now, thanks to myself being redeployed I am back teaching game development :-) and looking to convert my fellow lecturers to Stencyl :D Part of that is to start making games again (yey!), as there is nothing as bad as a lecturer teaching game dev who isn't actually making games himself. A lot to catch up on, with version 3 of Stencyl and Haxe to learn, but I've always liked a challenge!

Just finished bug fixes for an editable education game, "Poets... Verses. Zombies!!!" that is web2.0 enabled to allow teachers to edit word lists used. ... There are 5 other Flash game editing tools (basically user modifiable games) for a variety of language learning activities - vocabulary, grammar, etc...

Great to hear that I'm not the only one who has been been thinking about making language learning games! My focus wouldn't be on English language but on Russian and other European languages. Many of my ideas would be extendable to function with any language, but it's best to start simple.

I see your games are part of a project for the European Commission and also funded by it. I've mainly thought about other ways of funding the development. If you have Skype or want to pm me here, I'd be happy to exchange thoughts with you.

Sorry to not respond to you Daedalon. See above for several complicated reasons; this is my first time back reading Stencyl forums. (Have you missed me?)

EU funding has its drawbacks. Two years after the project finished, we are still being audited for use of the finances; it's a common problem when one or two partners don't present financial data in an acceptable way, which leaves us as lead partner to sort our a shopping list of queries way after the funded project period. A real headache, especially when you factor in the costs don't ever really cover the time that it actually takes to do such a project.

I'd be up for revisiting these games, and even adding others now, as well as other languages, but funding is always important, to help balance out different commitments, such as teaching, etc. If you are still interested in this field, please do get in touch.



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Spent a week putting together a shooting gallery game. It's playable except there's a bug with the timed and high score modes where after you play once no enemies spawn on the second play through. Think it might be tied to the fact that the score manager somehow got set to keep the score constant when I originally set it not to.


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Not sure how long my interest will last..

Working on a simple game, IDLE Hacker. Where you do 'cybercrimes' to get money.
Just done with the GUI. Time to get started on Stencyl.

Fire Fox

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I'm a complete noob to both gaming and Stencyl. I can draw pretty well and write stories, so thought I'd try creating my first game. It's a mario-style adventure game, where you explore and collect things (although the art is less cartoony, and it's Alice in Wonderland themed).