My First Game !!!!


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recently I made my first game using Stencyl. I have had a lot of problems that I am still trying to correct,such as clipping, re spawning after death, need more interesting level design,etc...but even with all these problems I'm still happy about the fact that I created a game. So if anyone would like to play it and possibly leave some feedback it would be highly appreciate. I want to continue to make game and hopefully make some that prove to be interesting and overall enjoyable to play.
here is the game sorry had trouble with the hyperlinking


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Looks promising, but as you said, there are many bugs with collisions (I was stuck in the middle of a platform). I like the monsters, but I´d make a walking animation for them. Work in the backgrounds, simple gradients are boring for me. And let the player start the game with the keyboard apart from mouse.

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