The Legend of Radtron


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I've been working on an engine for a 2.5d isometric rpg-platformer-shooter for a while, and Im finally happy enough with my framework to announce that I am officially working on this project.

What it is:

    Isometric. RPG.

What it has:

    Height. Attacking. Combos. A job/class system mostly completed (Squire, Monk, Fighter and Wizard). Melee, and ranged attack. An attack charge. 4 different charge-attack combos for every jobset (or at least a couple of them for now).

What it will have:

3 more jobs (tank/heavyknight hunter/archer and theif/ninja) at time of demo release, 12 total for full release
 Poorly Animated but hand drawn cutscenes.
the ability to kill literally every/anyone in the game, NPCs inclusive.
A dynamic D&D style alignment system, and different NPC reactions depending on alignment and threat
Acheivments, Upgrades, music etc.

The idea is to make a game that pretends to take itself seriously,seemingly plot and character driven only to discover there is no substantial plot and the characters are rather mundane. The game will poke fun at the rpg genre, and all of its crappy and convoluted well as casual games in general and the cliche things that seem to make them so popular (zombies)

You are Radtron, Younger brother of world renowned adventurer Leaf, whom saved the world from disaster about five years prior. In the time since your brothers exploits, he has since abandoned you and your uncles farm, travelling the world gaining riches and celebrating in his exploits wherever he can.

 Your parents turned out to be villains in your brothers crusade, and he was forced to kill them both, leaving you an orphan, and a rather apathetic one at that, living with your Uncle Sol, and his misteress Starlene. After inadvertently causing an accident that leave starlenes pet dog eaten by the farm's work-slave zombie, Radtron is forced to move away from his uncles farm, and to the big city, to live with your aunt and work at her Inn.

This is still glitchy and buggy but....

Arrow keys-  Move

Z key-    Charge (when held down)
             Fire/attack (when released)

X key-    Sprint

NPC hostility has been worked into things as well, but plays no part yet. Soon.

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The game failed to load because the file is a 404 error. And I mean that in the worst possible way... I was wondering why I got a "Install Flash Player or Enable Javascript" message. Turns out by looking at the source the game file was a 404 error.
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should be working now. I dont know what the heck...

Seems great, maybe you could have it so you can fall/jump off ledges, I like the 3D effect you have, I forget the correct term for it, but I still like it.


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As of now, unless a super easy method of implementing gravity and jumping is discovered or comes my way, there will be none of that sort of thing implemented in the final build. Who knows though.
Im working on some multi height actors, and falling/walking down a cliff one-way is totally going to come into play. Basically, I can do whatever, as long as it does not involve using gravity directly.

The 2.5 d effect in this is commonly known as isometric view. Im glad you dig.

 :-[ And here I thought "Isometric" was the pending title... my bad.


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I think now that you have the height working, jumping and gravity should be very hard.

As far as I remeber, when an actor is inside a region you set an actor value for the height, and use this in the layer manager to draw the actor at an offset, right?

For jumping/gravity you could use two actor values instead. One actor value is the "ground height", you set it just like the value you already use.
Now you create another value "actual height" and in your actor behavior:
  <if <"actual height" <= "ground height">>
    <set "actual height" to "ground height">
    <set "actual height" to <"actual height" - "z-gravity">>
  <if <"jumping key" was pressed>>
    <set "actual height" to <"actual height" + "jumping height">>

and in the layer manager use "actual height" to draw the actor. I didn't test this, I hope it works as I imagine. The jumping would be "instant", and could probably be done better, though.

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I see what you are saying for the most part. I think I would be reluctant to do this though, as I am wondering how the heck to go about the whole thing and have it run smoothly in a platformer way. The jumping would be instant, and I cant help but think the gravity itself may end up being a little choppy. Basically, Im not willing to put the work into the platformer jumping aspect of it. At least not yet anyhow. Ive got quite a bit on my plate with this as is. Who knows though....maybe one day Ill do this. Or perhaps one day somebody will make an isometric platformer kit.


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I think now that you have the height working, jumping and gravity should be very hard.
Ooops, I meant to say
"I think now that you have the height working, jumping and gravity should not be very hard."

I think the gravity would be smooth, but the jumping would have to be improved. Anyway, it's probably not the most important thing in an isometric game.

I'm working on an isometric kit as well, but with a different approach, and height and gravity are still not working so great, let's see how it turns out...


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Updated with intro cutscenes.

Wow, do i ever need music.

Debug room is now replaced with an incomplete version of the actual starting area. The Wizard is a placeholder for the leashed zombie.


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Looking great so far!


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OMG I want this now!

Seriously, your artwork is hitting that spot where the kid in me wants to sit down with his SNES for an entire Sunday afternoon. Brilliant!


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Sweet sweet sweet stuff!
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Have the dialogue system, NPC hostility, Jobs, Level, JobLevel and three classes done. WOrking on menus, and fixing bugs over the next couple of days, and then, its onto adding SFX and either recruting somebody who is into doing sound or man up and make the sound track myself. Excited at how this is progressing, allthough the demo does not do justice.


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Sorry for the necropost....

Trying desperately to get this project back into my stencyl...I need the pixel art, actors, tiles, and animations so badly, but its no longer in the there a way to remedy this?

Right after I bought my pro subscription, I pretty much left the interwebs for ever...please for the love of god tell me there is a way to retrieve the actor animations? There were SOOOOOO many in there that hadnt been used