"Auto-Scale Collision Bounds" not working


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While growing an actor, the collision bounds do not scale properly in iOS (it seems to work fine in flash, however). Making sure "Auto-Scale Collision Bounds" is turned on doesn't help.

Is there any way to get collision bounds to scale in iOS? I'm planning on using the scaling feature for the majority of my actor sprites so that I can fit in lots of small pixel art into my game.

Edit: Also, I don't know if this helps, but I am also using the grow feature to inverse my images horizontally. Whenever I do so, it seems to mess up the origin of the actor, because the camera I've got set to follow the actors position jumps to the left a bit. This doesn't happen if I only grow the actor with positive percentages, however.

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Sorry I cant answer your question, just to say I'm having this problem to.


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Any word on if this feature will be available for iOS? It would make many things a whole let easier... as it is there isn't really a way of growing an actor for iOS games apart from just a visual effect.

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Well my work around for growing actors would be:
Changing the Animation of this Actor. You can adjust the Collision bounds individually for each animation.
Hope this helps.


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The problem with simply adjusting the collision bounds is that currently collision bounds cannot be set as anything which exceeds the dimensions of the uploaded graphic... something which I find rather annoying as there are cases when I want the collision bound to be larger than the appearance of the actor.

Currently, I would like to be able to grow my actors and have their collisions expand with them. To replicate this effect with the above mentioned method, I would have to upload graphics for every size for the actor... which isn't realistic considering the limitations of using atlases.

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Ok, if the actor grows multiple times it would be very ineffective having a new animation for each size. I thought you just needed some effect for something similar to "Mario gets a mushroom and grows"


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There are multiple threads about this issue. It'd be good if they got consolidated (and even better if the bug is fixed)

Here are all the threads I could find on this issue, hope this helps:


Is the only workaround to set-up deferent animations or frames to correlate the scaling of collision on iOS for an actor?