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Hey I'm David.
Games are awesome, I love games. I would love to make fun games and play fun games. Stencyl definitely makes that much easier. You guys are awesome.
I have tried several different types of game engines and this is the one I have gotten farthest with. I enjoy creating art (drawing painting spriteing). I would like to one day learn how to code from scratch in a more powerful language.

I would also love to help anyone with general game stuff. If you just want a second opinion I would be happy to test your game or crit and give you some great feedback.

I think it would be cool to make Flash games so I joined :)

 Please excuse me while I drink my hot chocolate.
hey broseph, you're from scratch. Guess who I am  ;D


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I'm Kim Taylor and I love what Stencyl is all about... I primarily like the idea of making IOS games when iStencyl arrives, and would like to do something of my very own imagining. I do love how the ios systems have brought back 2d games! (edit: to mass media...i was always a nintendo ds fan)

Lets hope I have something to show soon!


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Wow, Kim, impressive art portfolio on your blog. Welcome to Stencyl!


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I have to agree with Ceric. Your art is insanely great.



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Hi I'm grimreaper and I'm an anger aholic oh wait this is the wrong site.
Hi I'm grimreaper My real name is Justin deal with it.
I'm 23 years old never graduated I quit school while I was young I'm pretty smart I was told I was the first one to go to GED classes and have a college level IQ on the first try,but I never got my GED wasn't no point in it. I'm not hardly motivated by anything.
I'm retired been retired since I was 16 had no choices in life I live with no choice because of retiring or as people would call it disabled I have seizures and bipolar with psychotic tendencies so if I get ticked to easy for you its just part of me.
Also I have a wife and 1 child with her daddy's temper.
What do you call parent abuse?
She hasn't reach 2 years old yet and yet she is as vicious as a cobra.
My favorite game series are Mario the 3d one, Paper Mario, Legend Of Zelda series I like most of the zelda series except twilight princess was a disappointment all it was, was a big world with flashiness and a small game in between.
My hobbies are photography,3d art,Photoshopping,Video Editing,Audio editing,Stencyling and several other things like keeping up with my little one I swear My little one must have a stash of sugar somewhere.
My favorite colors are black and blood red.
That's about it for me I think unless my other side has something to say. :)

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yesterday is a memory tomorrow is a vision, but today its a b_tch.


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I'm Automatic Jill, and I hail from somewhere up North.  I'm a classically trained animator (meaning I learned how to do it the old school way, on paper) but I use Flash for most of my animation.  Currently I'm a participant in something called "The Difference Engine Initiative", where a bunch of people who have little to no gamemaking/programming experience get together and make their own games in six weekly sessions.  I guess I can talk a little more about that later if anyone's interested.

Art blog
Animation demo reel
My game, which is nowhere near being done but has some nice graphics  8)

Anyway, I'm sure I'll have a lot of questions since I'm kind of a programming n00b, but in the meantime it's really cool to join a community that is still so new and full of possibilities.  My first Stencyl game was a lightly modded RPG Town in which the woman tells you not to touch the piano, and if you do, you die.  I hope to expand my Stencyling capabilities in the future!

-Automatic Jill
"Aunt Barbara, I love you but you're gonna get it."


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To AutomaticJill.
That sounds like psychologist stuff cause if you say don't touch it most people will that's sounds like it would be hilarious to see how many people will and will not do it.
Oh yeah I would be the one that would do it 3 times in a row and think about it the 4th time and say ah what heck and do it again. :D
yesterday is a memory tomorrow is a vision, but today its a b_tch.


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That sounds like psychologist stuff cause if you say don't touch it most people will that's sounds like it would be hilarious to see how many people will and will not do it.
Well, there isn't much else you can do and it's also the only way to end the game, so you almost have no choice!  And yes, everyone who played it touched the piano right after the woman told them not to.

I would like to make a cleaner version that uses original graphics; it's stupid, but kinda funny.  I like to call it MINIMALISM.
"Aunt Barbara, I love you but you're gonna get it."


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I'm playing a show inside of my head with the thought of your game I can't stop snickering a little.
Cause It kinda reminds me of the simpsons episode with the hamster and bart.
Thanks for the laugh and the memory.
yesterday is a memory tomorrow is a vision, but today its a b_tch.


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Hi I'm supernerd97, but have also been Krikles and Kaimeister on other websites.
I am a crazy gaming fan ( although most of the time I'm quite hopeless at games) and an artist of the visual, musical, and performing arts. My first game was probably Super Mario 64 or Crash Bandicoot 2. For as long as I can remember I've had a game console by my side (my first were a psx and a nintedo64) and have had a multitude of games at my fingertips. I also very much love making games of my own which is what brought me to Stencyl. My first game making software was RPG Maker XP but I soon had the whole collection of enterbrain's RPG makers ( or at least the ones for PC) and I found a link to Stencyl while searching through a game creation resource website.
If you want to see some of my art you can look at my deviantart:
PS. I'm a teensy bit of a perfectionist at times  ;)

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Hi all!
i'm airman4

i'm a 2d animator , and game designer but since 3/4 years i got problems to create a game ,but i discovered stencil yesterday and maybe ,maybe MAYBE this time i'll go through and people will stop calling me terry gilliam

anyway,i'll be glad to share a wip of my game when iget enough far in the development


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I'm Joseph Wirick, or "OutcastLabs". I do animations, music and other things in my spare time. I love to play video games, so working on a game with Stencyl may be fun for me.


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Hello and good day to you all, my name is Timothy though feel free to call me utali. I am new to stencyl and rather to game making in general. There curently is much to say about me other then i enjoy making games and hopefully will actually be able to with stencyl since i can't do programming.


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Hi, I'm Cathy from the northeast of England. I've been addicted to games since the good old days of the Spectrum and mainly play adventures and RPGs nowadays. I trained in Computer Visualisation & Animation at Bournemouth University and was a 3D animator and FMV artist in the games industry for a while. Ranting here:
I saw Stencyl on the Kongregate home page and thought it would be a great and user friendly way to make games as my programming skills were never very big or hard or clever. I've collaborated with robotJAM, longanimals, BadViking and ozdy on some non-Stencyl Flash games. There's a list on my Kongregate profile if you're interested.