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Hello fellow stencyl game developers i'm new to these forums I am somewhat of a as3 coder (I mainly use to work with flashdevelop) I have been using stencyl for pretty decent amount of time ,but I recently decided to create a new account after I took a long break from creating games I will enjoy finding my way around  the forums ,and maybe collaborating with the users here. :)


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Hi Everyone! Kinda new here on the forum but i knew about stencyl since early last year coz its been posted on the other side (i dont know if its dark or light lolz). I have a couple of games on the appstore using xcode & the other competitor software but i took a vacation last year coz of personal problems and the lack of update on the other software im using. Yesterday i read an e-mail that was sent to me last dec 21, 2011 by jon  which is actually a reply from my application email on Oct, informing that the istencyl is already available for public (if i only check my e-mail early). And when i read the istencyl features & the PRICE of PRO it triggers the gaming programming clock on my brain again so here i am.

Anyway TLDR i hope i can produce some quality games this coming weeks and probably go PRO to publish it on appstore.

oh and thanks jon for your email :)


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Merlino Dreamlab, is a publisher of apps for iOS (iPad, iPad2).
The company's mantra is "Passion, Love and Creativity"
developing apps that uplift, educate and inspire.

Based in Val di Fiemme, Trentino (Italy), Merlino Dreamlab was founded in September 2010 by Tomaso Baldassarra (artist) and Dario Cavada (musician, programmer).
Apps for iOS, Android and Web. Game Art and Music.
The company's mantra is "Passion, Love and Creativity" developing apps that uplift, educate and inspire.

Hi! I'm Five-OhBelowZero, but, for speed-typing sake, you can call me Five, Ice, whatever. It's your choice.

I'm rather new to Stencyl (like, less than a week), and can barely do anything, but I think I'm getting better.

I enjoy playing puzzle games, listening to techno, and learning new things.

A little short, I know, but I hope it tells you a bit about me. ;)


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Hi everybody!

My name is RENGAC. First, sorry for my bad english. Time ago i had tried to create some games in GameMaker, and also with Flashpunk, but for some reasons i cant never finish them (but they helped me a lot  to learn how to do things for games).
Then I have discovered Stencyl searching for a multiplatform game engine only two weeks ago.
I´m happy messing with it, it´s very easy and intuitive program (at least for me). In fact, I´m working in a game wich will put a demo in the forum very soon.
I´m really excited about Stencyl 2.0, and surely I´ll get it when it arrives.

Like in Casablanca, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship

Best regards.


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Hello!  My name is Kirby Kid!   :)  Though my username is 123KirbyKid, I would rather be called Kirby Kid.  I am quite new around here, and I am already getting a grip on this program!   :D

As you can see, I LOVE Kirby.  He is cute awesomness!   ;)  I already have some games published, and here they are:

Blue Guy's Adventure
Robot Killer

They aren't finished so you can find them in games in progress.   8)

Have fun!    ;D

Kirby Kid 
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Hi, I'm YouAreLameFPS, I work on 2d graphics and currently trying my hand at stencyl works. I like to create simple profitable games.


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Hello everyone, My name is Pete. I am new, But I love this software! <- I updated to pro!


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Hi, I'm Josh, and I dream to be an indie games developer. I'm not very good a coding so I downloaded this.
I stayed up late the night before it came to an end...

Mao Rune

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Hey guys! Call me Mao around the boards.

I'm new to stencylworks but I've had lots of experience with other game creator engines including Enterbrain's RPG Maker series and their Action Game Maker engine.

I'm trying out iStencyl to see if I can bring to life an idea I have for a classic sprite RPG. I've got lots of ideas and a basic story line drafted already that I used for an RMXP project, but nowadays I'm more interested in creating a game for iOS and Android.

Anyway, wanna chat about ideas hit me up! Otherwise I'll see you around the boards. Cheers!


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Hi everyone, I'm Sid. Been messing with Stencylworks for the last few days and I am impressed! At first glance, I thought it was just another GS type of engine but this is way more powerful I think. Anyways, I'm looking forward to version 2.0 and to learn this software inside out :).

Edit:  My main interest is iStencyl, I will mostly develop ios/android



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hey , im joe, im a professional illustrator, ive been wanting to make games for sometime now, but i can't code for shit. so i found out about stencylwork on a website called pixel prospector i think. It turned out to be just what I was looking for.

In the eagerness to learn this program, ill provide my skills for free on any project.

my deviantart page
my blog
some old pixel art of my character, developed for mugen, never finished


Domi Games

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Hi everybody!, my name is Eddy Castro, I'm a graphic designer from Costa Rica, i think that this is an exceptional tool especially for me because i really suck at coding.
My dream is to become a game developer and make a living with this, by now I'm currently working in my first IOS game with istencyl called Vampitap (at the moment) and i'm pretty excited about it.


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Hello, all. I am Milana, a newbie here. Nice to meet you and glad to be here.
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Hi there everyone!

I was "Victor" in the beta stages of Stencyl, and after forgetting about it for a year (^^;), I have revived interest in the platform!

You may now call me "Miragician", 'cuz I think it sounds cooler.

Anyways, looking forward to learning about Flash development!