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Hello I am Jamaru Burton. I am An artist/Music Composer and I want to get into game design and stencyl is my stepping stone


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Hey everyone, my name's Katal.

New to stencyl and the world of game dev but I have a mahoosive passion for gaming. Looking forward to creating my own games for everyone to play but also hopefully creating games with other people :-)


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Hey everyone my name is Poe. I got the name through hitch hiking around the country with a group of hippies. my love of LOZ clicked with a few of my friends and through my chaotic neutral nature they deemed me poe just like the chaotic little ghosts I love haha. I traveled for two years and met many awesome people a few of which I have became close friends with. I love writing stories, playing games, writing game storylines and playing music. I have wanted to be a game storyline writer for as long as I can remember so I decided to become a developer as a way to bring my stories to life... Tho none of my big ones will be worked on until I am way more experienced.. that being said I have a huge imagination and if anyone needs a writer for their games I offer my services for free because truly I love using my imagination and writing what I envision down.. so if your interested please feel welcome to contact me.


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Sup, Im Tysore.....

YOU SHANT KNOW WHO I AM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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Hi guys. I am Maryann from Chicago, USA. I work as an Ergonomist :) I do hope to be an active member of our community!


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I am Jarrod, a Labor contractor from USA. I do hope to find much wisedom from this community  :D


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Hi all ! I'm Asian, hoping to learn more from this forum.


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Hi, I'm Leo and I'm 12! I was addicted to Computers when I was 4-6 and I was playing lots of Flash Games online. I especially like Mario!

On Christmas 2009 I got the Wii! I played it EVERY... SINGLE... DAY!! The Wii was the best thing I had! I still have it, and it works just as it worked 6 yrs ago! I have 3 Wii Remotes Plus (black), a Wii Balance Board and 2 Nunchaks/Nunceks?? (also black :P) O_o
My favourite games on it were: New Super Mario Bros Wii, Wii Sports Resort, Wii Fit Plus and Boom Blox Smash Party.
I found about Emulators 3 yrs ago and I started playing old games I didn't know existed...
Until then, I thought that the Wii was the first console... (Don't judge me I was 7)
I also played with Legos! Many Christmas gifts from some of yrs were lego houses with a... guide to build it!
On Christmas 2015 (yes I got everything I love for Christmas :P) I got the Wii U! I transfered some games on it but I unforentatly couldn't all of them...
I must say my FAVOURITE game is Splatoon!
(If someone has a Wii U and wants to play with me Splatoon add me as a friend! My NNID is GameExpress)

I found out about Stencyl 3 yrs ago and I was happy cuz I was finally able to make games that I thinked about!
I did not know about Stencylpedia and I was finding out how to put snippets and all of that all by myself...
I found about Stencylpedia when I already learned how to do everything on it...
I made a game about flowers for my mum and she is Level 8. She says that it is fantastic!
Anyway thats it. Oh and, I really hope that I will upload an Android Game on Google Play!


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I am Betty. Hello to all and have a good day guys! :)


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 Hey There!
I have enjoyed looking around the forums here at all the great postings and information, and so I decided to join.

I just wanted to say "hello" and that I'm glad to be here! :-*


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I'm Oliver - a geriatric programmer who likes learning about 'new stuff'.  I live in the South West of Ireland (up in the mountains) and am producing a whole slew of Video Tutorials on Stencyl for the beginner.  So far, it's been an interesting journey and good fun.

Hope to link up with other programmers and find out what are the obstacles to getting those games developed so that I can start altering my output to reflect what you want / need rather than just doing stuff that interest me.

Looking forward to getting involved in some chit-chat


Hello Everyone, my name is Trey.

I'm currently a freshman at college, and I've had a passion for making video games ever since I was a little kid. My goal is to not only become a video game designer, but to also run my own video game development studio as well. I grew up playing a variety of video games throughout my life. When I first got into video games, I really enjoyed playing the old school platformers such as Mario and Sonic. And as I got older, I got more interested in FPS's such as Borderlands and Halo, and Action-Adventure games such as Uncharted and the Metroid Prime series. I've been making games in Stencyl since 2011, and even though I have made four games in Stencyl, I've only released one. I'm currently in the process of making another game which should be out by the spring of this coming year. If you want to, you can follow my blog to see updates on how the game is coming along.
Thanks For Reading, and hopefully this will give you a better since of who I am  :)
P.S. Here is a link to my only published game, it isn't great, but I'm proud of it nonetheless lol.
P.S.S. Here is a link to my blog


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@trey.  Watch that 12th man in your company name ;)  .. I'm up here in seattle.. and my hawks have to pay Texas A&M to use the 12th man stuff! Haha.. damn copyrights :p

@trey.  Watch that 12th man in your company name ;)  .. I'm up here in seattle.. and my hawks have to pay Texas A&M to use the 12th man stuff! Haha.. damn copyrights :p

LOL, yeah. I knew one of them had that name copyrighted. I'm currently in the process of changing the name. Don't  want to have any issues in the future.


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Haha. Yeah.  Just looking out!  I got into a little copyright trouble before haha