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hi guys. I am Bart . Nice to meet you all and I am glad to be a part of this community.


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Меня зовут Данил,Я только  начал в создании игр мне 13 лет.Кто мог бы мне помочь ?

New here, Its Kimberli !
Hope everyone is doing awesome !
Getting for this Xmas .............


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Hello all,

I've been interested in games as soon as I put a sega Genesis controller in my hand when I was eight. I loved making my own board games, MS word text adventures, and have enjoyed in-game editors like in star/warcraft and halo. I always thought it was a pipe dream, to make my own video games, and I focused on the academic path my family set in front of me. Now I've reconnected with my passion, and am super excited to explore this tool to make my own games!


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Hi! My name is Adolfo, i'm from Chile and i'm very happy about starting in this stencyl world.
I'm making my frist game atm, if you have any time to test and give me a feedback i would appreciate it a lot!

Here is the link:

Thanks a lot!


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My name is Amber, and I'm completely new to game making. I like old school games. I play some 3D games, but I prefer the old 2D platformers or sidescrollers for the GB or the SNES. Anyway, I needed to come up with a valid idea for a website, so I figured Why not go for a gaming website? (Hopefully I can make money off of fan made games.) Now that I have Stencyl up and running, I've got so many questions. I'm confused about things like gaming logic, how to get specific actor behaviors, what a boolean is, and much more. I guess I can post all my questions or a summary of my idea for a game somewhere else. I just need help because I know nothing about programming and the directions can be confusing at times.


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...I've got so many questions. I'm confused about things like gaming logic, how to get specific actor behaviors, what a boolean is, and much more....

A significant part of programming is being able to take a complex problem and break it down into many simple ones. So a good way to start would be to first run through the crash courses, which will introduce the interface, general vocabulary, and other basics. Then make a simple game--something like Breakout or Snake. These games have simple logic and writing them will give you the foundation needed to tackle larger problems.


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Hey Everyone :D

I'm TrickJazz!  Been a bit of a hermit, while learning the pains of the business side of gaming ( and general development issues). I'm hoping to get more involved in the community now my first game is out !

I've been learning to use stencyl for 8-9 months and have 3 games lined up ( While i'm no stencyl master ( yet ) i'm happy to help anyone whos new to stencyl, just message me!




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Hey everyone! I am new to Stencyl. Just wanted to post here. If anyone has any tips for an absolute beginner, it would be appreciated!


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Hey I'm Chris, live in NH USA and am 29, married to my wonderful wife for 6 1/2 years. I didn't grow up with the gaming consoles much, adopt father HATED gaming. My bro and I would often have to go to other people's houses and be "baby sat" even as teens and we took this time to game with friends.
My first real game was the original Diablo that my bro got as a burned disc from his tutor and smuggled home.
Than we got a Gameboy, that Travis was given aby a school mate and smuggled that home.
Than a friend has a Sega and a few games, and they gave it to us, at that point my adopt father couldn't stop us lol. So we had sega for years.
My fav game was Desert Storm on Sega. I was more of a PC guy though. My favs on there were Diablo, StarCraft, and online Runescape (yup my first MMO lol).
Than I met my wife (re-met (Went to school together for abit)), and she got me into Oblivion, she had to unlock a really hard chest, and asked me to do it and I got it first try and never played the game before. Than she got me into WoW and we played off and on until about 6 month - 1 year ago. Again she should be the fishing thing and first try before i'd even played the game, fished out some hard to get fish.
Than we got the x-box, and we had fun with Viva Pianta, Mirrors Edge, Farming Sim and other neat games. My fav series was Assassins Creed. Oh and had RDR for atime since it was like the best cowboy game. Probably still is.
Than got the x-box One, and we got a collection of 30 Retro games (on one disc, for 30 bucks), than I got into Battlefield, BF4 and BFHL were my fav
We got rid of the x-box 1 when we "Gave up" gaming but kept the 360 and than we slowing started getting back into it, it mostly pc and tablets now lol.
My bud and I got some way narly ideas for gaming but I got to learn C++ if someone could teach me, cause we are going to need a crazy engine with 3D capability.

IF anyone wants to help us with our "Dream Game" it'd be appreciated.

I am very new to game making hence the Stencyl, did all crash course and read first like 5 help chapters 2 days ago and been practicing since


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Cj8706!  Welcome.  Everyone here is pretty helpful.  2d is the way to go to start in game design... after I get it down I'll do some 3d with unity... but I love 2d games haha!  Let me know if you need help or mechanics made for games.  And I'd love to work on a collaboration.   Trying to make enough money to quit my job and go Indie developer full time :p I've been using stencyl on and off since beta testing.  Now going full blast into it!  I have some apps made with and without stencyl and live wallpapers in the Android store.. android's what I know best at the moment


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hello good day,
I'm dustin from Philippines and I've been playing games for a long time and got curious on how to make one
so here I'am, Stencyl really caught my attention because first of all I'am not a programmer and know nothing about coding, and last this engine specialized on creating 2D games which really is my thing because I really like pixel graphics, downloaded this software months ago, its time to learn now. goodluck to me

Doesn't look like this thread gets much love..  but I feel like it's a necessity to post an introduction when new to a community, in case any existing members do want to read it!

My name is Jake, mid 20s dude from northern California. I'm a rabid video game collector, almost as rabid as I am a video game player. I currently run my own business (tattoo artist by trade, businessman by career), and have been playing video games  since I was 3. I started learning some basic programming abilities around age 13, and was really into rom hacking and I tried my hand many times using VB to make level editors. Years past, I had a pretty good grasp of some higher level programming languages, but video game design and programming always seemed too daunting. I fell out of technology for many years and focused on different mediums. Now I have an insatiable desire to create games again, and I'm starting from the ground up with Stencyl.

I have some big goals for the next year with this, and in the last few months I've been going it alone trying to learn to use Stencil and understand Haxe, I feel like for being out of the technological loop for so many years, that I have made leaps and bounds so far. I have a long way to go, and just by skimming through these forums recently, I can see the active user-base here is friendly and professional; even those who are far more experienced than the majority of us.

I hope to make some good connections and form some friendly relationships here with people who share the same creative passions with the outlet we're using and beyond. Thank you to anyone who read this, I hope we can talk about some design and programming soon!


(Edit: Just wanted to add, that I not only plan to start doing this as a free-time hobby, but I've had this wild dream for several years now about being in the video game industry in some capacity. Amateur to Indie. We can do whatever we set our minds to.)


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Welcome Jake, hope you enjoy your time here with Stencyl. What sort of games are you interested in making?
A while back I also considered looking into Haxe to get a better understanding of what was behind the scenes of stencyl, but really Ive never needed it. There have been cases where I've used one or 2 lines of actual code in my games, what I do find amazing is that I've been using stencyl for about 4 years and I'm still learning how to use new blocks. So instead of learning code, I'm trying to expand my knowledge of stencyl scripting.

Thankss! And as far as types of games I want to make, I have a goal for the next year. I want to create 3 iOS and Android games. I have all 3 ideas on paper, almost fully fleshed out. First is a game I would say is similar to meatboy, next is a game similar to the GBC game warlocked (I am aware there are lots of strategy and god-sims, but I have some special ideas), and last is abother sin game, doNE quite a bit differently than I think anyone has seen. That's the one I'm really excited for. I'm planning on going for 100 levels to start with for each. I think a year, given how much I've learned already, should be fairly reasonable. But we'll see :)
I also want to create a steam game once those 3 have fizzled out a little bit (if they catch a little flame once I release them, that is). I love the NES, and my full fledged traditional game idea is an 8bit platformer with rpg elements. I know it's been done before, but it's been my dream since I played zelda 2 when  I was 6 to make a game inspired by it! Haha.

 Yeah, from the little I've done (no real finished projects yet with stencyl), I can tell that stencyl has a lot to offer, without having to code. I think from an ease of use standpoint, using haxe is definitely not necessary at all if you're creating with stencyl, even creating advanced functions. Which is amazing. What I do know, is that learning haxe is helping me understand more modern higher-level languages, not the old terrible BASIC that I know.

That's great you're able to keep expanding with this platform, years later. That's definitely a good sign for a development system.  Exactly what I want out of a platform. Glad I found it, too!

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