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Uh hey everyone! I’ve been wanting to make this grand game since I was 7 it’s been my dream! I grew up with many types of games,from iOS to Nintendo.  I’m hoping stencyl will be the long awaited start of the even longer journey! I’m gonna start with many small games,one I’m working on now is called Sky Fishing! Really excited!


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Upcoming Projects
Poppytail 5 and Pixeltail: Fifth and sixth main instalments in Poppytail series. A Game About Trimming Hedges: Final Version: An updated version of the original AGATH. One Million: Last-one-standing style small project. The Poppytales: Platformer boss rush with character collecting. Skies n' Fall: Boss rush shooter prequel to Rise n' Brawl. Precious: Weird platformer. Christmas Time 2: Sequel to Christmas Time 1.


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Thanks for the welcome! :)


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Hello World ;)

My name is Paweł but you can call me Pablo :D  I am from Poland and my favourite games are Final Fantasy VII, Chrono Trigger, Hitman series, Total War series and many more ;) First I read about Stencyl about 2 years ago and right now Im wanting to create some fantastic games on that brilliant program.

As my first project I was thinking about some card match games, u know guys some sort of clicking game when two same cards are selected they will dissapere btw sorry for my english haha XD and Im wanna create something similar to Chrono Trigger cause In my opinion it is the one of the greatest rpg game in the universe and that parts which time travels was just great and I hope Im will creating something similar and if I attempt to some problems Im will ask for help. Thats all for start, have a great day peoples ;)

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My name is Dmitry, on the forums "1968"
I am Russian. I am 50 years old
The game began to play ... in the era of ZX Spectrum.
Gaining experience studying the mechanics of games.
Thank you so much Lense OnLife for the lessons. 8)


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Hi, I'm MrMallard. I had an idea for an RPG kicking around in my head, so I decided to give game development a go. I'm pretty impulsive when it comes to projects like this - look at my abandoned GeoCities page at for proof of this - so there's a non-zero percent chance that this account will go dark in a matter of weeks. Regardless, I'm living for the moment, so here I am typing out an intro. I'm a bit of a layman, so please forgive any wonky terms I use to explain what I'm talking about.

Why Stencyl?

First of all, it's packed with features at the free level. I looked at a game engine that had a 30 day free trial, and it wasn't all that feature complete for those 30 days. They're hoping for people to use a gimped version of their software for 30 days before ponying up cash for a month-to-month license, without a Free tier. Another one I saw had a Free tier that, for what it's worth, seemed like you could use it permanently without paying - but alongside the expected "no exporting" policy, it only allowed the use of 50 objects. Stencyl doesn't offer the full package for free, but it does seem to allow access to its full set of features right off the bat and it does seem to allow for limited publishing opportunities.

Secondly, I was won over by the free-to-use Stencylpedia tutorials. I dabble in stuff like this, , but I'm not very experienced in coding and map editing and stuff. The fact that Stencyl gives you the software and lets you go crazy with it was one thing, but providing free resources to help users get better at using the software? That was a really nice discovery.

Third - it's not super complicated or resource intensive. I'm not looking for an Unreal Engine 4. I would consider Unity, but I read that their 2D development mode or whatever is a bit buggy because it's still attached to their 3D mode. A game engine like Stencyl is exactly what I need - 2D, user-friendly, feature-packed to mess around with.

And lastly - dude, the Dangerous Dungeons games were developed on Stencyl. That's awesome.

What am I making?

The project I want to make with Stencyl is a top-down, turn-based RPG. I'm a big fan of older turn-based RPGs like Phantasy Star 1, the Dragon Quest games and Final Fantasy 5 - so I decided to try my hand at making one. I like writing stories, so this is one of the better genres to do so. Of course, there's a lot of work to be done in order to build my own RPG from scratch - but I want to give it a try regardless.

So far I'm working with a handful of story/character concepts, and that's about it. The plan is to cobble together a basic RPG, graphics and all, get the basic things down like dialogue and scene transitions between different maps, see what I can do about a turn-based battle system - this is what's probably going to sink me, if I even get this far - and then see what I can do about getting outside help in regards to the graphics and music.

I've made myself a test sprite for the PC and a rudimentary tileset for environments. I've also downloaded a couple of utilities that I hope will help me in the long run.

I hope that my time with this project will be productive and fun, and I hope that my activity with this project will bring me back to this forum to chat, learn and possibly discover new tools.


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Welcome! Nice to see another RPG fan :D If you havent yet you may want to check out some of the other rpg threads in the games or journals forums. Fillergames' is probably the most relevant but if you want to include arpg in the mix, there's also mine and possibly bombini's. I'm not sure if bombini would classify Space Pirate as an rpg, but regardless, in all of these games' threads there is a good bit of discussion on the kinds of problems youd need to solve regarding AI, pathfinding, dialog, inventory, and the like. Check out the dialog extension too.


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Hello everyone!!! l'm Chris aka Chris24XD or Chris' Videos Greek on social. l'm a 12 year old kid and l like making games. l like using Stencyl when l have free time. It is comfortable, simple and it has easy testing. l also wish to be a popular game maker one day  ;) .
Anyways, l have a few behaviors of one of my games  8)


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Hi i just joined can some one teach me some things  :D and i have a acount on scratch jale3ms


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Welcome. Best way to get started is to complete the Crash Course (if you haven't already). You can also join the Discord channel.