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Hello! I'm catnip400, but you can call me catnip if you want.  :)
This is the worst signature ever. :)


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Newbie here. Im Rowell Tumambing. Known as WellXP.

Just browsing the net for android tutorial. Got lucky to find this site. Hope to get ideas for my thesis. ^^
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Hi all. My name is Greg Veit, Roadcat on most forums I'm on. I'm a professional, freelance game designer / developer / project manager - quite a mouthful. I've been involved in making games for about 10 years now and have worked for major companies such as Jagex on Runescape (I made loads of content over the years that I worked for them but, for any of you who know the game, the content that I'm most proud of is the Godwars Dungeon and the Fairytales quest series). I've also worked with several smaller indie companies, lately having released several titles with Drop Dead Interactive for XBLIG.

I'm now freelancing (again) but I have a concept for starting a new studio that works with students in their final year to make and release a commercial game. With so many good studios having closed recently it seems to me that getting your foot in the door of the industry has become even harder than it ever was and that, unless you have worked on a released title, your CV doesn't even get looked at, so I'm hoping to try and help some people overcome that problem.

I gravitated to Stencyl because of a brief that I got from a (hopefully) new client for a game that runs on FB, iOS and Android and Stencyl seemed like the best of the "code once run everywhere" solutions currently available.


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I'm petatiger. Famously know on the mmorpg game Roblox™. I love programming I have currently mastered luau and android and am learning Ios. Licenced apple develepor. Love Legend of Zelda. Especially the original realease in 1995


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Love Legend of Zelda. Especially the original realease in 1995

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Welcome Roadcat and petatiger ^_^.


Could you pm me with more information about the studio and what kind of skillset would you need the students to have? I will be on my final year of Bsc on Aalborg Denmark next come September and since this sounds interesting i might as well work on something during the summer.
Above all, try something.


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So my name is George, and I have this YouTube channel
and what I do on my channel is stuff I'm starting to think is old, so now I think I will partner with my amazing artist friend and make a game! :D
But I don't know code. :(
So I came here! Hopefully me and my friend can generate an audience before growing up to be what we want to be: an indie game studio!
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I'd say the best way to get an audience is through games : P. I know right , so profound.
Above all, try something.


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i just want to finish my game!


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Thats on your comments of the game on that website:

//, im sorry if i cant manage to get rid of stencyl logo since im using stencyl to make games,.. im so sorry...

Why would you be that sorry because of the Stencyl logo : S?

EDIT: To remove it you need to purchase Stencyl. Other than that seems pretty good and the level design is neat. I would probably add a skip button to the cutscene at first since some people are too impatient to actually wait for it and you want to show them your game right away.

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Above all, try something.


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i thought i break the rules in the upload agreement  and thats it.
i just want to finish my game!


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thank sfor the complement. :)
but i want to know if you have problems with controls,did you?

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i just want to finish my game!


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Hello!  I am Meestar!  I am new here to the Stencyl community.  I'm not too good with Stencyl yet, but I hope to contribute a lot to the community.

I am a self-taught musician.  Currently, I make Electronic Club music, but I do work on orchestral songs when the occassion arises.

I have a moderate knowledge of JAVA programming and have made a few simple ganes there.  I am currently learning JAVA 3D.
That's basically it.
PM me if you require help.  I'm always glad to help out!


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I'm Kennylee Beeks from Lubbock, Texas. I'm 57 & disabled. I spent 6-1/2 years in the Marines, then, after a divorce, 3 years in the Army. I have 2 daughters & 6 grandkids, (3 per daughter. That worked out well). Both my daughters' familes are within 12 miles! I have 2 years experience in C++ & just finished Foundation Game Design with Flash by Rex van der Spuy, learning Actionscript 3.0. And, I just finished Crash Course2 & have added 2 more levels, so far, adding more complexity as I learn to use these blocks. I love Stencyl!
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I have a lot of pngs in albums on facebook for Stencyl users.


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Hello :)I am Boultim and i am new here to the Stencyl community. 
i love draw and playing game thats why i want to create my own game with stencyl.

I am still a student and I am new with stencyl, so if you can give me advice to get started.

Here is my first game with stencyl

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