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This is jji7skyline here! I have been using Scratch = for a long time already! I am crossing over to Stencyl because it lets me make Flash games! :D


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Howdy!  :D

 So I just signed up and DL Stencyl. I have wanted to learn AS3 for some time now but just haven't had the time... or dedication if I'm honest. Now I have found Stencyl... :o

 This may be just what I am needing. It looks and feels great although I haven't actually started work on a game yet.

 I will need a lot of help to get started so I will be checking back in regularly.

 Peace!  8)

Marshall Louis

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Hey, everyone, I'm Marshall, most commonly known as echs or the_echs. I started out on Scratch, and now I'm here (because let's face it, Scratch isn't the best at really anything).

Gonna make some games!

yo rainbowstormk3l4xd here


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   Hey, all. I'm Nutwit (it's a family nickname :))).
   I used to use GameMaker 8, and it was nice, but I could never finish a game. I did make Pong (acutally kind of challenging) but that's it. I was hoping that Stencyl could help me with that problem by making game making simpler and more powerful.
   Although I'm not much on programming, I'm great at art and sprite design, as well as story line and music.
   Also, for any other Stencylers new to Stencyl, I've started a thread for a group of newbies like myself where we all team up and make games. Sometimes thay might be platformers, sometimes casual puzzlers, sometimes epic isometrics. Anyone interested should search for 'Gearbox Games'.

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Hey everybody. I am RobotZ. I love programming and when I found Stencyl I thought I should try it out. So here I am. I also make Youtube videos and I am pretty good at making graphics. So yeah....


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I'm LolAndBeer, Spain.
I was bored when Pow! I found out about Stencyl, who in this world developed it<3marrymekkeyty


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I am Nenad from Croatia; i work as Designer, but my profession ia painting! In free time i am creating freelance illustrations (can be viewed from links in my signature). I am game-maker wannabe from my childhood, from my first PC- Sinclair ZX-81. I am a self taught mid-level programmer too, as i was "forced" to know Javascript and PHP for web development.

I own and experiment in few indie game making tools. I have Blitz-3D, Game Maker (YoYo), Shiva3d, Ambiera Coppercube...

As an artist i work much with Photoshop and Zbrush, but also with some opensource gems, like Blender and Wings3d.

I experimented a little with Stencyl and i decided to give it a serious try. Advantage is that it publishes to Flash, and it has predefined behaviours. I like easy of use. I do not have much time for programming, it is excellent for very simple and creative solutions.

I started to work on my first Stencyl game which i plan to use on my webpage. It is now in brainstorming phase :) .

See you folks around, good luck to Developers of Stencyl and developers of games!

My web comic and games page:
My illustrations :

Sushi Rider

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I can't think of a good intro-line so i'll just say hi.
I have always been a very creative person, I remember spending a lot of time drawing and creating concepts of things I wanted to create in the future. I have a lot game concepts in my mind but I never got around to create them; not because I was too lazy to create one, but because I didn't have the tools to make 'em.

My favorite game is the Legend Of Zelda: Ocarina Of Time. If you have played that game, i'm pretty sure you know why it's my favorite. As for music, well, I guess my avatar speaks for it.

I used to search for game-makers and I found programs such as Playcrafter, Atmosphir, Sploder, etc.
It's not that I didn't like none of them or that they weren't good, they just didn't have as much ''customization'' as Stencyl. Compared to StencylWorks, those tools were very limited and I never got to create those games i've had in my mind for years. It's been a really long time since I wanted to create my own game.

I never found a good game making software, I always came across the typical ''Place Blocks In A Canvas'' type of ''Game Maker''. I used Google, I searched in the deepest corners of hell, I asked people, and never found that special software I was looking for... after a tremendous struggle and many hours wasted I gave up. I decided to just wait until I could afford to buy a professional software and be able to learn how to use it.

And a few months later after giving up, and just a few days ago from this moment, I stumbled upon Stencyl. Yeah, that's right, I didn't even look for it, I was just browsing Kongregate's forums (It's very rare for me to do that) and I found this ''Stencyl'' thing. And well, here I am.

I'm very good at drawing (but i'm shit at painting), mostly my own characters. As I said before, i'm very creative so I don't have a hard time creating levels/stories/characters. The only problem would be the music, but StencylForge takes care of it. I'm a perfectionist, so I always check that every single aspect of anything I create is as good as possible. It takes a lot of my time, but the results are always good, so I can guarantee that all of the games that I will create will be fun.

I just started messing around with Stencyl but i'm looking forward to creating several masterpieces in the future. :D

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Hey hey, xephoth here. I'm not one for being too descriptive about myself, so I'll stick with the basics. I've been making games as a hobby since 2003 back when Game Maker 5 was the pinnacle of indie game development applications, and since then I've branched out to RPG Maker line (from 2000 to VX) and now Stencyl. I'm a huge fan of adventure games, so I'll likely be making those, though Stencyl seems more adept at arcade experiences.

Aside from that, I'm a web designer by trade, having been working in HTML and CSS since 2005 and PHP since 2008. Game design is my first love, though, and I'd love to work in the field as a professional independent.

And, as expected, I love games, particularly PC games and the Xbox 360. My favorite games are The Elder Scrolls, Call of Duty, World of Warcraft (level 85 tauren Feral/Restoration druid), and Minecraft.

Hope to see y'all around!


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Hey all CommanderDude7 here. Call me CD7 for short if you want. I always was looking for some sort of easy to use game programming and boom! I find Stencyl. Hopefully Ill pick up some tricks here and make a few games as well.
Peace out for now.


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My name is Adam and I live in Queens NY. I am studying for my Bachelor's Degree in Comp Sci and found this wonderful software through some local indie dev buddies of mine through some networking. This looks to be a VERY promising tool for Flash development.

As for my signature [Nookriot], that is my dev tag.

I look forward to seeing what this community has to offer!



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I am SWATLLAMA. I program and learn C++, I know a little AS2/AS3, I came to this site through Kongregate, and I don't have a kongregate account, though I've heard that someone faked me on Kongregate. I love the Need For Speed Series, though I've only owned two of the games. (5, and most wanted, though both are broken now.) I love playing my favorite fps, called Cube 2: Sauerbraten. My favorite game of all time is Croc: Legend of the Gobbos. As far as flash games go, I love the <a href = >Mardek Series[/url] by Pseudolonewolf. As far as the types of games I love, I'm generally not extremely interested in gameplay. I *love* reading plot dialogue of games, like in RPG Shooter: Starwish, the gameplay is bad, but I loved the plot. There, now you know about me. I hope I'm not stalked.
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I'm Lima, a fifteen year old girl with a lot of free time. I've always loved anything that involves imagination, and being a lazy bum, I simply prefer using computer.

Since young I always loved writing and drawing, and lots of times have I considered animating or doing a game out of some story I wrote. With Stencyl I had my chance! I've also got some friends willing to help me (coding and drawing), so I hope some day my dream might come true (see a game made out from a story I wrote).


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Hello everyone... I'm back!

Some of you may know me from a year or so ago under my old name 'Josh' (it seems like my username was snagged on the move to the new site). I (ashamedly) disappeared off the net sometime ago when life got a little busy. Before then I was a Stencyl Beta tester and was working on my game Swim.

I must apologies to all my friends I made here at Stencyl and to the team for disappearing without a word - namely KungFuFurby who put many hours of work into composing music for me, only for me to spirit away like a sneaky ninja. But I'm back and although I cannot promise to be as an avid forum user as the days of old I do look forward to getting back into the community and making games!

I recently turned 21 and am in my second year of Med School and forever love playing video games. My current project is to fix my old computer to transfer all my work from Swim over (otherwise a lot of hard work has been wasted) and corroborate with my girlfriend to make a game you'll hear about in the short future!

Good to be back!