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Safoura, this forum is for Stencyl developers and Stencyl games.  Find some other forum to post your 3d game to.


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I'm a newbie here and I was wondering right now what to choose, stencyl or gamesalad.  ???
I searched on the web and most of the people is saying that stencyl has more power than gamesalad on other words, i found that gamesalad could be easy for beginners and Stencyl is for people who like stuff with advanced development without programming.
So I made a decision I'm gonna stay here and gonna give it a shot.  :D



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So I made a decision I'm gonna stay here and gonna give it a shot.  :D


Good luck!

I think you've made the right decision! Stencyl is very suited for absolute beginners; it's just that it also has enough power for advanced users who want to take it to the next level.
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Hi! I dunno if I ever introduced myself, I'm Hyptosis! I try to make games and be friendly! ^_^
"Even a stopped clock gets the right time twice a day."


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I'm Ominous Ham, but you can call me Ominous.  :D

I've been playing around with Stencyl for a couple of months now. I think it's a really great program so far!

I'm a 2D/3D Artist and a lifelong video game enthusiast. ^_^ Nice to meet you all,



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Greetings Stencylers :)

My name is Ossian Olausson, but you can call me Thecasius! I grew up playing my modded playstation 2 games that everyone loved, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro, Rayman and many more! And when i got my own ps3, i got superexcited! So i began to play and play, but after a while i got a computer, and my best friend August suggested we should start an youtube channel, i was in! But as you can see now we discovered Stencyl, only days before we where about to start the channel, since i had read a lot about game development and HTML/CSS stuff before, i quited that for now and began with Stencyl!

And games that inspire me include: Bastion, A Link To The Past, Streets Of Rage 3, Pokemon, Digimon, NES games, Mega Man, Organ Trial, Cart Life, And so many more!!

So now im here! Developing games, and im so happy i choosed to work with stencyl! And you fellows here at the community seems like good persons, and im happy for that! Since rigth now im developing with my best friend everything works the way it should and so.

Thanks for all your support so far and i wish to have a great time with you stencylers :)

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Well, you should not be reading this, if you want too alright but dont blame me.

I used to be an adventurer like you, then i took two barrels, damn i dont know. Skyrim is complicated, beside that im a mage, cuz im always a mage.


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Hey stencylers!
The lazy me finally started using twitter! Please add me 'VikingRad'


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my name is lilswisscheezed i just got this today  :)


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HI !~ im hope angel

       i have just recently joined stencyl and i dont even have a game out yet, although i have lots of ideas..... im hoping you can all help me learn how to make games. Thanks!!~<3

Wrenched On

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Hi, I'm new! I'm looking forward to developing on Stencyl. I came from scratch and am looking for a step up.


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My name is Larry but everyone calls me Bub. I have always been fascinated with creating my own games and even went to college for game software development but didn't complete cause life happens. I am currently working on getting back in it.
I have always enjoyed RPG's and Card games and want to make my own. I have several ideas for a sandbox split world game something like a Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver meets The Elder Scrolls. Except you play two characters; a human ( in the Earth Realm) and his guardian angel (in the Spirit Realm). You switch back and forth to try to accomplish tasks and progress in the game.
If anyone has any ideas on how I might accomplish this in Stencyl feel free to shoot me a message.
Also, like I said, I want to make a card game for mobile that allows players to collect, trade, play against one another and have a single player 'quest' mode and a 'challenge' mode. I'm actually working on this one first with Stencyl. I have a few of the basics but I need a lot of help cause I'm working 2 jobs and trying to survive in the real world.


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Welcome to those who have recently introduced themselves.

You're going to have a lot of fun with Stencyl!
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Aye everyone.

I am Paffer (nickname), first off I am sorry for my bad english... Anyways, I am really excited to try out Stencyl, all my past experiences were with Java + Slick2D, Byond & Unity 3D.
What can I say, I love game development but my free time is occupied by playing games sadly :/ ... One of the few goals are releasing a game, develop a RPG game as my best game made I hope, and that's it for now...


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Slick2D.... that's a name I haven't heard in a very long time! I used to be pretty involved with that project. A very long time ago, Stencyl was based on Slick2D, but that version never saw the light of day.