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Dude! Welcome back! It's nice to see someone from the old old forums back here!
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Hey it's Josh! Welcome back man! Your work was and is still very impressive! I like exclamation points!

Anyway, good to see ya. Used to be called Sio; I wonder if you recall? :]


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Woah!!! Josh! It's been a long time!

Make yourself comfortable. : D


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"Find the fun"


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I am Sam, but you can call me gmx0. All my previous game design and development experience is with Game Maker. I am currently working on an RTS in Game Maker. I'm still learning Stencyl.

If you would like to check out my previous games, go to

Hello people and peoplets it's a pleasure to meet you all I came here after reading about stencyl on kongregate it appeared intriguing and for the last couple of weeks I have been studying the coding used to create behaviors and after reviewing the program thoroughly I came to the conclusion this is a excellent game development program and has so much potential and I can't wait to explore every aspect of it and produce a game of my own soon. I look forward to getting acquainted with you all and hopefully getting involved in this community and making friends with all of you!


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Hello fellow Stencylers

I've been following Stencyl since way back when it was first announced and no one believed it was even a real project lol.

I've actually been on the forums a little while and I've posted in a few topics but I haven't officially introduced myself. My name is Frank, but I usually go by the nickname Fraz online. I'm Canadian and I live in Vancouver. I do quite a bit of gaming and have been dabbling with game making for many years (though I've never been dedicated enough to actually finish something). Already with Stencyl I've come closer than ever before to getting a full fledged project off the ground, and I have the Stencyl team to thank for that.

I hope to get to know all of you better in the coming months, and I hope I'll have something noteworthy to show for my work with the program.

Happy game making everyone!
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Oh man, I almost missed your return, great to see you again Josh.

And welcome, fraz, dabadgecollector, and gmx0.

~ Blob

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People call me Ace. I am an aspiring game developer who recently dabble in flash but I am much more interested in making Iphone games for income. Will start to learn stencyl and looking forward to their ios option

If you have a good iphone game idea, feel free to pm me.


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Hello, name is Doug. I am from Ohio. I have recently been playing games on Kongregate and seen the ad for Stencyl so I figured I would check it out. I have never made games before so at times it can be quite frustrating when you spend about 4 or 5 hours trying to fix a problem and it was something so simple. I hope to be able to get good enough that I can make games for others to enjoy. I'm not trying to make a living out of this, more of a hobby. I've had interest in playing video games most of my life and even now I work at a Gamestop where I spend my entire day selling and working with them :).

Well, back to working on my game, here's to hoping it doesn't turn out too bad.


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(silly me, how come I haven't noticed this thread yet? O.o)

Hello, everyone! I've started using Stencyl quite recently (week and a half ago, but last week was spent on holiday ^^), but I have been creating games for several years (mainly in Game Maker). Many words could be said for and against each of those programs, but it's not the place to make such comparisons, is it? -. -.
Anyway, I hope I can be of some help here (even if I was the one needing help so far -. .-') and... well, happy game creating everyone!


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Hi, my name is aber. I've been work semi professionally as a game developer last 5 years. My favorite console games are of course the Mario and Zelda series like most of us here. Mobile game will be angry birds because of the sweet characters.

Stencyl is a great tool and I am looking forward to trying out the ios and other mobile options too once they are ready.


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Now I'm excited over here! That made me all happy inside... I am KungFuFurby, lead composer for both Swim and Mind Snap. I've been with Stencyl since near the beginning thanks to Master0fHyrule, whose YouTube video got me curious.

I completed the soundtrack for Swim just before the end of the year in 2009. It's about 35-40 tracks, which is quite large. Mind Snap was even larger, 80-90 tracks! I did about two thirds of the soundtrack before Josh disappeared...

Now I've been contributing soundtracks to both unreleased and released games! Most of them aren't very big... Circyt is the biggest one I've got for about 30 tracks, and I only have two tracks left. The rest are quite small, usually around 4-10 tracks.

There have been exactly zero non-Stencyl games so far that I've composed the music to... and ever got released.

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Hi, all! I'm KungFuFurby, music composer. If you're looking for some music for your game, just PM me.
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Hi guys, I'm somewhat new to stencylworks, I found it awhile ago but lost it due to the name. ( I googled stencil works) I like this platform because it

1. runs out of the box, no .deb installers. (I'm on a linux)
2. Is very detailed
3. compiles directly to flash (unlike scratch which I also use)

I'm 20 and female btw kinda out of the normal here im sure. Hope to get to work soon!



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Hi xmagicx60! It's me, ModernZelda!

Hi I'm ModernZelda. It's very nice to meet you. I put the name KAProductions (KingArthurProductions) because that's the way me and superweirdo sign things when we collaborate (that means superweirdo is also part of KAProductions!). I learned about stencyl just yesterday from xmagicx60, and I played a few games, and I was hooked. I plan to start making games soon, and I hope they'll be popular!

I love the legend of Zelda. It's my favorite video game, and my favorite topic to theorize about (who's related to who, what games fall in the timeline, etc.)

I have always had an interest in building games, I guess that's why I started playing Incredibots (an online robot physics game).

I'm a young teenager, so it'll probably be difficult working on stencyl at first, but once I get the hang of it, I have a feeling it will work out perfectly!

-(Posted by ModernZelda of KAProductions)
Hi I'm KingArthurProductions. Nice to meet you.