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Welcome all. Even if you aren't serious gung-ho game developers, that's quite all right!
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Hi guys,

I am using stencyl for about 6 months now.
Never released any game because I am still working on my first one:,26644.0.html

I am a game enthusiast, as I do play since PONG.
I did have: Atari, NES, Master System, SNes, Dreamcast, PS1, PS2... and now I have stopped on XBox 360 (for now).

I do collect retro-games. Specially NES, SNES and Genesis.

I hope to one day create a game development studio.
But for now its a hobby.

I do work for an American investment bank.
Java developer / System Analyst. Have been programming for about 16 years. Time for a new challenge in my life - as I said, I really hope to create a Game Studio.

I do live in Sao Paolo - Brazil.
Love to travel and knowing new cultures.
Love to read.
And I also have a collection of comics - Graphic Novels specially.

Hope to be hearing from all of you.


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Hi everyone :)

My name is Tom. I'm graphic designer and animator from Poland. I working in advertisement company, create some website, banners and sometimes some small games (in flash as3.0 technology).

My journey with games started some long time ago with first computer Atari 800xl.
I played many games and created some small experiments in Turbo Basic. When i had first PC i trying learn Turbo Basic with 320x200 resolution. This time had some great software like Autodesk Animator.

Now i have some plan to make platform game and maybe sometime build some small game studio creating cool games :)

Stencyl looks ideal software for me, because i dont need programming all engine (this is so complicated for me).

Greetings for all :)


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Hello, I'm Denise from Germany. :)
I'm 21 years old and a Nurse in a small hospital in my hometown, but I'm going to move to Tokyo soon to find my luck there.

I love games since I am a child.  ;D
My first game was Zelda for the NES and it was also my first love, since then I have evolved from the nerdy hardcore gamer to the retro loving gamer, playing almost every new title that might have a glimpse of nostalgia like the new Pokemon, Final Fantasy and Zelda titles.

The only thing I've loved more than playing games, was actually creating them. Since a long long time ago, I've been using various Game Makers (RPG Maker 2k/XP/VX, GameMaker:Studio and things like Gamesalad) to make games but they all dissapointed me at some point, because they were either not userfriendly enough or didn't have the right platform to publish the finished game to. :-\

Yet, I've found this wonderful Gem and I am really happy to be able to use such a wonderful Tool for game creation.
Since I am poor due to moving costs i couldn't buy a pro membership yet, that's why I am excitedly waiting for Stencyl 3.0 to get released... Or to get some actual cash to buy the pro membership... :)

Anyways, nice to meet you all.  :D


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Hey Everyone. I'm Tracy from San Francisco. I'm a professional art director and designer by day. At night I make electronic music and play games. Now, I'm attempting to make a few games, too.

I grew up going to arcades where I loved all the old vector games like tempest, asteroids, star castle(my favorite), rip-off, space duel, etc... and followed all the different consoles from sega through PSX and xbox360. Finally, of course, the new generation of mobile games. I still have a working Atari Lynx handheld! And a Vectrex. I'm such a vidiot.

Anyway, I have tons of ideas, and absolutely no knowledge of coding except some Actionscript from my days learning Flash. Luckily, I can create my own artwork, at least. I'm really looking forward to learning Stencyl and trying to create something memorable. Thanks to all of you in advance for putting up my questions.
trying to learn new skills and realize a few dreams.


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Hello, my name is ADRIAN!!!!

I am 23 and recently I became interested in making… making anything. I have been teaching myself origami and other paper crafts, learning to draw, sewing, trying to learn electronics, and recently programming using C.

I have never really been that creative growing up, but I have and continue to spend a great deal of my leisure time split between reading books and playing video games. Yet, I don’t write as much as I could, and have never really made a game that wasn’t like, some variation in capture the flag. Of course, not being creative didn’t mean I never had ideas, it just meant I never spent any time making those ideas real.

Some months ago I discovered Pixel Prospector, and got really excited at the idea of making games, and typical of my nervous laziness, I spent much of my time reading the articles on game design rather than choosing a tool on game making, so I lost much of my focus and motivation as I learned the great deal of work that is involved.

However, the original desire has not gone away, and I am determined to make a game, and with a win, many more games. I got a friend involved and now we motivate each other to keep working on this. We see a myriad of crappy games finding success in the Apple store, and we realized that there is no reason we can’t at least attempt to put something up that we can have fun playing, and possibly others will too.

There were a lot of environments to choose from, but Stencyl seemed the easiest to get started with, ports to iOS, and I liked the games that were designed with it. Zuki’s Quest is one of my favorite mobile games. It did not take long for my friend and I to realize how powerful this program is. For our novice purposes, it is perfect.

I was a little bit hesitant to start like this, because I have read many opinions from game programmers that eventually you will find the limits of your game making program, and you will have no idea how to make a mechanic work using those constraints. Stencyl is great in that it allows you to see the REAL code underneath the behaviors, which makes it an excellent program to learn with. I supposed I can eventually learn Haxe, and overcome those limitation when I meet them. For now, I am happy teaching myself game design and getting a feel for the logic that is essential for making the ideas in my mind something the rest of the world can play with.


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Hi, I'm Miro. I've been using stencyl for prototyping purposes, but now I'm starting to work on a game made solely on it. I've studied arts and game design and have am a part of a small game company here in Finland. I do graphics, game play design and even code, when I have to. Kind of a multi purpose jack of all trades, I guess.

The thing I love about stencyl is that it frees me to do what I want to do, without having to rely on other people for the hard stuff. It also allows me to test mechanics out very quickly. Now that 3.0 is out, I'm really looking forward to opening unity less and less in my life. Go Stencyl!
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Hi Everyone,

My name is Rob and I'm a Stencylholic. Just kidding, it can't be an obsession if you've been doing it for 2 weeks, right?

I've been a programmer professionally since '87, more than 1/2 my life. Mostly Cobol and CSP, procedural languages. Though I eventually learned object oriented programming, I never got to practice them much. Moved into databases and SQL. My background is business but I feel like I have a few games inside me that need to come out.

So I got Stencyl 2.2 and was teetering if I wanted to commit to it or another game engine, seeing as 3 was around the corner and then 3 showed up. Can't tell if 3 is much different than 2.2 as I didn't delve in beyond the crash courses. But here I am frustrating myself over the little details. With procedural languages, any problem you encountered was usually in the vicinity of whatever piece of code was not working. With Stencyl the issue could be in one of many places. When I couldn't get collisions working in Crash Course 2, I almost gave up. Then after I slept on it I realized that my setting for who collides with who were wrong.
I have a lot to learn, but I am enjoying it so far. Hope to create some content to share with the group.

My short term goal is to enter something to the Stencyl Jam and I've started to experiment with the tool on my own. I really like the physics, collisions and how I was able to implement movement and controls for my object. Now to give it some depth of play ...

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Hi guys !
I'm Mazine and i'm using Stencyl 1 year ago . I really liked it .
I created a lot of games ( I don't how much exactly )


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hi just installed this. i am very good with game maker is this a step up? and if so where can i learn how to use this? :-\


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hi just installed this. i am very good with game maker is this a step up? and if so where can i learn how to use this? :-\
Perfect place to start; Click Here for the Crash Course.
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Hi everyone. I'm new to this program. I'm pretty much a beginner in game making, except for dabbling here and there on the warioware game, scratch (very little), etc...
No complete games.

I heard that I could actually publish a game without progaming knowledge using a program like this. So that got me interested in trying to do that. I'd like to try entering the Stencyl contest and I'm starting out with the crash courses. I also would  have a goal of trying to get a finished game on the Google App store (Hopefully a somewhat successful one).


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Hello, I'm Denise from Germany. :)
Yes, endlich noch eine Deutsche hier im Forum! :-)

Sure, my games won't get better with all the new features of Stencyl.
But I do have more fun creating bad ones.

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I haven't introduced myself yet.  My name is Eldon, and I make art.  I really like the Stencyl Engine.  I'm making art for it, which I'll show you guys in a few days.  I'm also a little disappointed that they haven't got an art store up yet on the Stencyl site.  I've been waiting forever for it =0
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Hey. My name, obviously, is DarkBowser100, though most people just call me DB. I've been looking for a good Flash game development program for a long time now, and I think I'm going to stick with Stencyl just because its interface is familiar territory for me. And because it's the only one so far that doesn't pull anything stupid with the free edition.  I'm an aspiring game developer and plan on taking it up as a career. I'm still in high school so I'm only making these games in my spare time (and sneaking programming in at school when I can, hahaha).