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Hi xmagicx60! It's me, ModernZelda!

Hi I'm ModernZelda. It's very nice to meet you. I put the name KAProductions (KingArthurProductions) because that's the way me and superweirdo sign things when we collaborate (that means superweirdo is also part of KAProductions!). I learned about stencyl just yesterday from xmagicx60, and I played a few games, and I was hooked. I plan to start making games soon, and I hope they'll be popular!

I love the legend of Zelda. It's my favorite video game, and my favorite topic to theorize about (who's related to who, what games fall in the timeline, etc.)

I have always had an interest in building games, I guess that's why I started playing Incredibots (an online robot physics game).

I'm a young teenager, so it'll probably be difficult working on stencyl at first, but once I get the hang of it, I have a feeling it will work out perfectly!

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Awesome! Hi MZ! I'll help you with what I can! Who's superwierdo? I've heard the name before I think....


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Hello I'm Razik. I love to program. I also designs digital graphics and video effects using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects. Stencyl sounds like a great Flash game creator and I hope I have a great time using it.


Nothing else to say...


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Elo, Im Donte, Moderator for 5 XATS, Roblox, and Club Penguin. I mostly play flash games on Kongregate. About 50% of the time I play SAB (Stick Arena Ballistick). Im a sports fan of the: Florida Marlins, Miami Heat, and Tampa Bay Bucks. Favriote players: Marlins - Mike Stanton, Heat - Lebron James, Bucks - NAN. What else describes me..., I like pie, pizza, and hanburgers. My favriote T.V. Show is, The Simpsons.


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Hello everyone, I'm Montel, and from Ipswich, England. I play loads of games, mainly Steam but I do go on the PS3. I do like to make games, as I am using different engines and making different types of games. I am new to Stencyl and making a game at moment. I am learning while I make the game.


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'Sup all, I am Mikaldinho, but you can call me Mike.

My real name is Michael Brockwell. I am 15 years old, go to a games development college in Norwich, UK and my ambition is to become a game artist when I am older. I am in charge of a small team of 3 people, me,my brother and our best mate, and we all share the same passion - game development.

There isn't much more to me other than that... I also american football (chicago Bears fan), Pringles and Jaffa Cakes :)


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Hey, name's Albert, and my nickname is Abbot (go figure!).

My main past-time/hobby is music, first and foremost. However, I've always been fascinated by games, my first system, I think, being a Sega Genesis. I'm too young to remember any of the games I played on it, though. My next big systems were the N64 and Gameboy Color, where I fell in love with Banjo Kazooie, Star Fox 64 and the Pokemon series. Naturally, these three games/series have amazing music, but that's not what made me fall in love with game music. What sealed the deal for me was when I first played Professor Layton and the Curious Village. The opening theme, Professor Layton's theme, blew me away and made me instantly fall in love with Tomohito Nishiura and the Professor Layton series (which is absolutely one of my favourite series of all time).

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Hello, my name is Green. I want to make cool games with Stencyl, so yeah.


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Hey all!

The name is Zach, and my friend showed me about this and it looks really cool! Hopefully I will actually use it hahah.


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Hiya! Welcome to Stencyl. Hope you enjoy your time here and make great games.


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My username is gamez7. I had an account on here a long time ago(about a year ago,) but I forgot my password and my old e-mail account was deleted because I switched internet companies.

I enjoy programming and stuff :)


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Hi guys,

My name is Keith Baker and I am a serving soldier in the British Army. I have for the last three years been making games for iOS with my side company AppChogie Games. I have now started to making apps for Windows Phone 7 and XNA. I have been invited to help test iStencyl and I look forward to learning this software.

If I can help you I will. I have many apps / games in the AppStore and I might be able to offer some help in that area.


Please visit my website.


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My name is peterkap, and I found about this program in the Scratch Forums. I always wanted to make games, and then I found out about this program!
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Hello everyone. I am BrydoRX and I found this forum via my own when KungFuFurby posted a link to his music works that's on here. I am currently 22 years old, from the Scottish city of Glasgow in the UK and I'll try my best to be active here. Although, being on this forum reminds me of the old days when I was on the Game Maker Showcase forums :P So, hi :)

My wonderful forum. Join us, plz? D:


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Hello World! I am a scratcher, and I decided to try this after hearing about it from some other users. It isn't that much harder than scratch but much more powerful! 8)


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I think it would be cool to make Flash games so I joined :)

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