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Hi, I'm a noob to Stencyl and this is my first post on the forum. Just wanted to introduce myself and this looks like the thread to do it.

My name is Billy. I am testing out the free version of Stencyl to see how difficult it is to work with. I have been extremely happy with the results I have had so far. Currently, I am working on making my own behaviors because I figure that is the best way for me to learn how this SDK works.

My brother and I make iOS music apps on the side such as drum machines, synthesizers, etc. (will both also have full time jobs and families) and have been developing on the iOS platform since the Appstore opened under the name Pulse Code, Inc. Before that, we made a free homebrew app for the Sony PSP called "PSP Rhythm". The success of PSP Rhythm really gave us a bug to make audio apps.

I know AutoCAD 2D/3D inside and out, I'm learning 3DS Max, Photoshop, and I have a pretty good knowledge of how DSP audio works (which probably won't be of much use with Stencyl).

I still make music apps, but I've always wanted to make 2D games. I love classic console platformers like Metroid or anything on the NES , SNES, or Sega Genesis.

Anyway, it is nice to meet everyone!


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hello  I'm Darek and I'm new here


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Hi there! My name is Tom "SteepInKline" Kline, and I'm a college student from Endwell, NY currently finishing up my Bachelor's in Creative Writing at SUNY Oswego. After I graduate, I plan to pursue a Master's degree in Game Design/Interactive Media/Whatever Euphemism for 'Yo Man Let's Study and Make Video Games: The Degree Program' My School of Choice Uses.

My first experience with games came when I was 3 years old. I remember dying consistently on the first Goomba in Super Mario Land on my brother's Game Boy.  At first, video games were a kind of passing interest (like most things for a three-year-old). It wasn't until I was 7, when Pokemon Red and Blue were first released, that I began to fall madly in love with the medium. 

Growing up, I was often laughed at and scolded for even suggesting that video games had any merit beyond mere time-wasting and escapism. Imagine my surprise, then, when college-aged me stumbled upon the academic field of Game Studies. Finally, the medium I grew to love has started to gain respect amongst academia! I knew what I wanted to do with my life from that point on.

Which leads me to why I'm here: I want to make games. I don't have a huge background in coding, so I've been looking into Stencyl and other design tools as of late to build a portfolio. I made a game for a Digital Storytelling class recently (though honestly, it was junk) that was based on a game made by the professors, but I'd like to try making my own from scratch from here on out.

Anyway, that's pretty much all there is to say about me. Nice to meet you all!


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Hello, I'm Jess.  Way back when, I started playing video games, the original titles of Zelda and Final Fantasy, for NES. For a long time, that little, light gray box was my life. And so, fast-forward some 30 years later, I mainly play casual games for mobile devices -- Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Fish Out of Water. And other, more intensive games, like Infinity Blade and Clash of Clans.

I've been working on websites for about 10 years, for myself and for clients, slowly but surely building up a solid skillset as a web developer. Right now I'm looking for new horizons, mulling over a big handful of vague ideas for casual games.  A few days ago, I downloaded Stencyl, and after a few hours, I had made a crude, working pinball and flipper.  I played a lot of pinball in high school, and a lot of nine-ball.  Then I went to college and thought I would write novels. And that failed.

Anyhow, I'm looking for a Stencyl project to work on, or a custom website to build.


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Hello everyone, I'm Aymeric. Obsviously I love video-games and I'm actually a french student in Paris in graphic arts. Me and my girlfriend we started, 3 weeks ago, to create a small video game for mature gamers ( one difficulty : hard) and I'm actually working on a Behavior.

So I'm working on a Non Playable Characters behavior for the Stencyl Forge. Every day I'm amazed by Stencyl, I can do everything I want just using the Design Code. Just big thanks. About the behavior it'll be only for side-scrolling games. NPCs, for the moment, can return to their spawn point, wander, patrol, follow or flee player or just ... stay. With animations. Actually it's full customizable (for example I'll can choose the agressivity of the NPC if he can fight). And for the futur hopefully NPCs will be able to choose their strategy, call their buddies and use random apparences.

Finally I would like to work in the video-games industry (like a game designer) so I work hard for this first attempt and hopefully, if we finish it people'll like it !

(sorry for the eventual english faults, it should have been worst with Rerverso!)


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Hello! I am new to stencyl and I am very excited to learns how to use it.  :)


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Hey! I'm Rayni but I go by WandererExiled!

I'm a freelancing graphic artist who focuses on nature scenery and metal objects. I gained my skills by doing Stage Management for theaters before deciding to go digital. I have no formal education in art but still have a great love for it.

I decided to start using Stencyl and join the community when it dawned on me that instead of waiting for someone else to create the games I want, I could just to it myself.

I look forward to getting to know the community better and seeing what my ideas look like in final form :)


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Hello Everyone,

I'm Anthony Free. I started learning Stencyl last month and I'm very excited about improving and making some games.

I've always been interested in making games and even worked with a small team a few years ago to make a couple games. My role wasn't very technical, so I didn't learn how to actually make a game myself. But I've always been driven to learn and have many unfinished projects in various platforms and mediums (I've made pen and paper and tabletop games as well).

My biggest hurdle has been coding and scripting. I love the logic of it. Solving problems and thinking about how things are done using the structures available, but I always get burned out once things stop being "fun" and become "work". So far, what I'm liking the most about Stencyl is that I seem to enjoy logic tasks that would normally slow me down. I think it's the visual element of the blocks. I first thought that the blocks would feel limiting, but they actually feel quite empowering for me. Anyways...

I'm going through and making some game clones to learn the basics first. Hopefully I'll build enough of a foundation that I can tackle a "serious" project, but for now I'm content with just getting going.

I love games that make me think and are quickly paced. I used to have a lot more time for RPGs, but these days I like to interact with a good story without a lot of the grind.



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Hey, hi there. I'm Miguel from Spain and I'm insterested in learning Stencyl as a first goal. After that, I'm thinking in create games, of course, ;). I expect can say in the future as amazing is Stencyl as now looks. Sorry about any gramatically incorrect written expression...

I hope to receive and give help as required for to raise our skills and recompensate our efforts.

Than you everybody in advance.



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Hello and welcome. My name is Rebecca and my husband likes it very much. Tooting is where I've always been living and will never move.  Looking forward to have some good time here.

Hi everyone just doing my intro, look forward to seeing what games you have all created and showing you some of my own hopefully too. From the UK good to meet you all.


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hi to all! im tomas from south mexico, i have ample background in making hd/low poly game assets  for 3d games, modeling, textures, maps,  uvs, riggin, animation, using maya, maxon bodypaint,....   and all that stuff.... after an intensive research on 2d game engines i choose stencyl for ist frienly  aproach for users with no experience in code, like me... so im here to  try to make an stencyl game using a 3d low poly style art,  possible make friends, learn a lot and have fun! also hope in the short-mid term maybe develop something fun with a 1-3 persons team...

Well I am not here to tell you my real name but I can tell you I grew up in the U.S. I have just begun but I can't download the crash course due to the stupidity of my computer so if you could please help me on how to create actors and such would be a big help, I thank you if you do help. I sadly have no followers  and am following no one since yet again I am new to this.  :D


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Hi I am Tom,
I love coding. If you want know something I actually helped make CLUB PENGUIN if you know me. I am 26 yrs old. and love gaming and hacking.

Thanks and Cheers!!


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I'm Jordan from Dartmouth, NS, Canada, and I'm interested in using Stencyl to get into game programming as a whole. I've had a programming background before, and I've been using this software for a little over five months. It's great!