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Hello everyone! I'm new to this whole thing, but thought up a great new game concept, and have chosen stencyl to use for my project. I've never used it before.

I am good at some drawing, and short musical things. My favorite game is league.


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Hi everyone, I've been here a while now, so it seemed like it was time I introduced myself, as it looks like I'm here to say!

I'm a graphic artist by trade from the UK and work in an interior design / branding company by day. At night, I work on Stencyl with 3 young children who are my biggest critics/helper! Eventually I'l release something...

Loving the community on here, always helpful!


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Hi to all, you can cal me Jin.
I have started to use Stencyl yesterday is an interesting software after a dozen of hour I never stop to learn and improve my test project made with Stencyl.

Something regarding my expirience with Stencyl:
Some action isn't intuitive to do, in my honest opinion stencyl isn't easy for who don't know a little some programming language (isn't my case).
the idea of coding with drag and drop is cool sometime speed up more the production but sometime isn't a good thing and slower more the production.
A very good thing is the re-usability of the code set trough the Behaviors, I love this funcion of Stencyl!!!

Best regards,
My first game with Stencyl and my first participation on Gamedev contest 2015:

Due to contest rule limitation i can share my game only via contest and on my web site


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I'm Dustin and I'm 23 years old and I live in IL. I happened to get this thru a lovely Humble Bundle and found it to be quite entertaining to learn how to use this software. However, it's just to put on the web and such license wise. I would have found it a smarter move to let the studio license be added in a new bundle someday, maybe.

Either way, I've been looking to make games for quite a while in the RPG, platformer, and visual novel genre.


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Hello All

My name is Dean, I am 40yo and I have been a hobbyist programer for the last 15 years and have used a vast array of programing tools over the years, I'll be honest, at first glance I personally had no interest in Stencyl, I prefer to code my games/apps .... its a programers thing, scene of achievement and all that lol, but.... I have been looking for a "step-up" system for my children who I currently coach in both Scrach and App Inventor and I also used teach Scratch at my children's school as an MIT ambassador, on that premise Stencyl looks like the prefect system to upgrade my kids and maybe do another class, I also got this from the Humble Bundle but would gladly upgrade to move my children onto the next level, Both Scrach and App Inventor are good openers but they are both very restrictive to experienced and articulate hands and Stencyl is looking like it could break those boundaries and give them the ability to export to web and valid app store APK's, but that would of course mean I learn Stencyl back to front first so I guess I'll be hanging round a while and maybe get some use out of it myself as well.

I have experience with HTML, PHP (and Smarty)+MySql,  C++,  Lua, PureBasic,  Eclipse+LibGDX, Andriod Studio, AGK, AMS and all manor of D&D  related IDE's, my forte is with extension libraries and back end systems, lua modules and dynamic link libraries so hopefully with that skillset I can bring something to this community also, once I'v got past the initial "how to's" that is :)

So... that's me and my intention for Stencyl

I do notice however that Stencyl has recently undergone a huge core update and a lot of the existing information is likely to be outdated??, would it be possible to get some clarification on what tutorials and extensions are valid with the current version as the opener tutorial  is kind of misleading, I understand from the forums that Stencyl is in a transition period changing the core language in any tool is a massive undertaking and the community is busy rewriting the extensions and behaviors, thank you in advanced for that guys, rather than moan about it like I'v already seen others doing I would like to get started straight away but I'm struggling to get off the starting block right now, is there a "hands on" tutorial for making a game from scratch with no behaviors, or is it a case of poke it and see and RTFM!?

anyhow, RTFM is advice I have given to many over the years so for now I guess that's what I'll go and do, cant wait to get started and see what Stencyl can offer.


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Hello All...

Quite a few people use Stencyl as a sort of bridge to raw programming. I've always thought Stencyl did a great job providing tools for a variety of skill level. I come from a C / MatLab / Maple / Mathematica background, and found I was able to put it to use.

If you're looking for a thorough guide, there are two books I can think of that might be of interest to you. Innes Borkwood has a book, Learning Stencyl 3.x Game Development: Beginner's Guide, that includes a complete walkthrough on building a game from scratch. I used it to teach a "intro to game making" workshop and that was successful. Richard Sneyd's book, Stencyl Essentials, may be better suited for you, though. I haven't read it, but according to the author, it's targeted at people with some programming background.

Of course, there's always trial and error. I basically taught myself from scratch, and there are plenty of other people here who have done the same. It looks like you found the crash course. There are also a number of video tutorials listed.

Stencyl 3.0 was released Late February, 2014, so keep that date in mind when you are searching for answers to a question. The basic interface didn't change much, but new features were added. Topics where the distinction between the two versions is most likely to matter include compiling and compiling errors and publishing. Topics where the distinction is least likely to matter include "how do I do X with code blocks?"


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Hey thanks for the advice, think I'll grab both books as the beginner ones are very very useful for structuring a lesson, taught my kids App Inventor that way, I did notice the video tutorials in another thread but wondered how valid they would be but having a timestamp to check against will help immensely, thank you


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Hello everyone! I'm happy to introduce myself in stencyl's community. I found out about it 2 days ago and used to have lots of gaming ideas but no extensive experience with programming (or even writting in english \o/)


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What's up. I'm Marc Brown representing TakoTruckGames.


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Hello to all who have the honor of reading this. I am called by many names, but you shall call me Skylord. Soon this puny world shall be mine, but in the mean time, I might as well give this video game thing a shot.


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Hi I like to play games  :D :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Hi, I like to play games!!!


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I'm Gabby and I'm with the inneract project.

Hi my name is Matthew and i am new to this