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my name is Damir, indie developer at UBJ3D from Croatia.
We are two enthusiast trying to create fun games for the whole family (mobile games, Android,iOS, Windows, Blackberry).
You can check them out at

Two of our games are written in Java and the rest in Corona. I have been searching for a tool which would be easier to use than Corona so that I can introduce my son to developing games and I found Stencyl.

After a few days of experimenting I am very satisfied with Stencyl, hopefully will create some games using it.

See you in the forums!
Creating fun games for the whole family.


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My Name is Nadeem Razi.I am new at stencyl.Not much new i was learning silently, I am now very good at it.Thanks all !


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Welcome ninjarazi, hope you enjoy your time with Stencyl  :)

Hello! I am not new here, but I am not that old either. But I guess I havent introduced myself yet.  I joined stencyl because I'm really passionate about the games I play, my consoles, and this world changing technologies.  I want to be in a community that is passionate about that too. I want to surround my self with developers and gamers that shares the same intellect.

I play a lot of games, like I said, I am Passionate.

In terms of games I like decision based games, puzzles or logic games that will test your knowledge, and RPG or MMORPG games

For PC I played, Diablo III, Cabal 2, and L4D
For consoles, I have Ps4 and I played Last Of Us Remastered, Beyond two souls, Life is strange. All decision based games.
I also play mobile games for logic and puzzle games like Honeyday blitz 2 and flow free. Honeyday blitz 2 is a puzzle and I think, it would be my favourite since whenever I'm not home, I couldn't play. that's all ive been playing.


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Hi everyone! I work full time as a computer network guy at a corp, and make youtube videos, stream on twitch and other little things on the side as hobbies. I'm very new to Stencyl. I've done some basic programming in the past, but have always had game development in mind. I've been on a small game development team before, but it didn't go well for personality reasons. I've always dreamed of creating beautiful fantastical worlds, and grew up playing 2D games such as LoZ and Mario. Currently I'm reading "Learning Stencyl 3.x Game Dev: Beginners Guide" along with the tutorials on the site to get better at it overall. I'm excited to be here!

Also, if anyone knows much about ways that I can get better at art, let me now. I've never been a huge artist and I feel I'll need to get better at it if I want to have decent looking characters / animations and such. I'm really unsure where to begin with that area, so any advice would be great!


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Hello everyone ! Mebloo here ! It's been a few weeks since I discovered Stencyl and the forums and I decided it was time to introduce myself.

In my normal life, I'm working as a computer engineer in the large web nebula : PHP, jQuery or Angular are parts of my dictionary. But when I put my super hero costume, I'm an amateur kind of game designer which always had a lot of ideas but never really made them real. And I think it's about time to make some things concrete.

I was playing with the great game of Adventure Islands "Super Dangerous Dungeons" and saw it was made with Stencyl. So I decided to take a look and here I am. I'm getting fun for now, trying some stuff and discovering the whole thing. I hope I will be able to talk about a first game one day.


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Hello everybody, I am new to Stencil. I work as a sysadmin and find very fun to be able to use nowadays tools for creating video games. Used to be a Sega Fan (Sega Genesis, Saturn and DreamCast ).

For now, I am on PC with FPS games, RTS and some RPG.

I started to look at some other tools such as Unity / Corona but found Stencil much more convenient for me.

See you soon guys.


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Used to be a Sega Fan (Sega Genesis, Saturn and DreamCast ).

Welcome to the stencyl community. The Dreamcast was awesome wasnt it!
Website: Satch
Twitter: @satchapps.


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Used to be a Sega Fan (Sega Genesis, Saturn and DreamCast ).

Welcome to the stencyl community. The Dreamcast was awesome wasnt it!
Thanks, and indeed :D


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Hey I'm Otakumaidens! I'm an artist who wants to make her video game a reality but stinks at using the program to make it. I love to draw though! My profile picture is a picture I drew myself! I hope to collaborate in making a game with someone.....Oh I love video games especially minecraft! One of the reasons why I want to make a game is because of minecraft!


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Welcome Otakumaidens and ElFov, hope you enjoy your time here :)


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Welcome to the forums Brad!  ;D


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Hello friends!
My name's Max, and I'm not a game developer. I'm a high schooler in Salem, Oregon and I've spent my whole life playing games. My first system was the N64 and the first game I ever fell in love with was Super Smash Brothers. I found out about Stencyl through  Super Dangerous Dungeons, a game that sucked my time for a clean month as I practiced speed-running the arduous levels with precision. Seeing that Stencyl has the capability to create a game so detailed and smooth intrigued me, and I'd love to be involved with the creation of such a game. One particular interest of mine is in creating a fighting game, something akin to Samurai Gun, with a focus on stage diversity rather than complex combatant interaction.
I'm here not so much as a programmer but as an art director. Two of my passions in life are theatre and music, so I'm looking for a talented game designer who either needs help with writing, editing, or background music. I'm working on developing a portfolio that I can put up on my profile, but as it is now I just wanted to introduce myself :)


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Welcome Max, the great thing about Stencyl is that you can create games and apps even with very little knowledge of coding yourself :P I am sure you will find some very experienced folks here. I've been on the forums for a few months and it's amazing how many veterans are in this community. I'm still a n00b myself, but I wish you luck with your game creation ideas.

Hi everyone! Look forward to talking to you all and sharing/learning. If anyone is interested in monetization / ad networks / banner exchanges and similar I would love to talk with you too!