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I'm Ian (debugdesign) and a graphic designer... I love indie gaming so I hope to create something soon.

I use both GS and Corona so looking forward to seeing what Stencyl can do.
Hello there!
Welcome. :D


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Hello everybody. I am completely new to Stencyl and I downloaded it just a few minutes ago. In the past, I have used Scratch to make my games. I heard about Stencyl from another person on Scratch and this looks more challenging, which i am viewing as a good thing. I just finished my first "Crash Course" and I am starting to understand things. So far, I have made no games, but hopefully I will have a lot in the future. After looking around at the games and these forums, it seems very similar to Scratch, so I think that I am going to enjoy Stencyl. :)


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Hi my name is osias, And my code name is BullzEye. I started to play video games when I was like 4 years old when my dad bought us a video game console. then I received my Gameboy advance sp and I got more addicted to video games. when I was in school, I made a pen-and-paper RPG game that me and my friends play. In that time I thought that I could be a Game developer someday. So I could share my ideas and imagination to the world.
Today I'am very dedicated and passionate to be a game designer. I study making games in advance before going to college and take a game development course.

I love stencyl and all its feature. the community and often updates is also awesome. I'am hoping to see more great features coming for stencyl and goodluck for you guys.  :D :D :D


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Hi, my name is Xie Tao, as internet Xietao, (see down for more) I love, love x2 computers, I haven't got much to type at now. :(

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Hi there :)

I'm a new french user of Stencyl. I discovered this software earlier. I have 34, and work on computers :)

I hope learn about it quickly. I tested a lot of software / language for games creation and I have to say that Stencyl is a very good product.

I would like to apologize if my english is a little weird, I'm a very new french user, so excuse me ;)

See ya !

Crystal Noir
I'm not english, so please excuse me if I make some mistakes :)


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I'm Jay Stansfield and although i'm an active songwriter and performer with fans across the globe (just finished my second album and about to embark on a UK and European tour) I wanted to have a go at making some games.

My friend and I are currently working on a game which we're super proud of and will be unleashing on here once it's ready!

So if you want to hear the music i'm making go here:
And if you want to hook up in a Facebook stylee then go here:

Much Love,


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Hello guys, I am Daniƫl, I'm a Dutch aspired animator who's trying to get into game-creating. I found this place through Newgrounds, a place I like to visit often and I'm working on a game right now, although it's in a very alpha-stage, to the point where we're still only brainstorming.
I'm a big fan of pixel-art, which you shall notice if I actually manage to finish a project.

Anyways, I'm hoping to enjoy my stay here, perhaps I'll get active as well, we'll see.
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Hello everyone. I am Stephen from Michigan, known on the internets as Arkia.

I got into video games mid-late in the N64/PS1 era, though my family owns games from the days of the Commodore 64. I mainly play Action Adventures, Platformers, and First/Third Person Shooters though I do play a little of everything. My favorite games include most classic Nintendo titles, the Jedi Knight series, TimeSplitters, and Deus Ex.

I decided I wanted to make games shortly after I started playing. Since then I've dabbled in quite a large selection of programming languages and game creation software, ranging from Game Maker, to Dark Basic and Python with Pygame, and even some C and Z80 ASM for TI Graphing Calculators and a little 6502 ASM for NES homebrew. For the most part though I only have a bunch of unfinished prototypes, a few items and mobs for the AdventureCraft mod for Minecraft, and a rushed out Game Maker game with terrible sound effects and music (which can be found here if you're into that kind of thing:

I found out about Stencyl a few months ago I believe, sometime when it was version 1.4, but only recently had time to really play around with it. So far I've really like what I've seen and am excited to see what I can manage to do with it.


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hi! i'm fanfore, I like a lot of stuffs like video games, comic books and pixel arts which im currently learning.... Im new to spencyl works and im struggling in the objective to master it LOL


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Hey! I'm BazzaSaysLol. Call me Baz. I discoveres the site through the Newgrounds Stencyl Jam, and have been stencylling ever since. Not that well of cource, but I have experience through Scratch, a bit like Stencyl but simpler. I am hoping to make a 'mouse avoider' style game with someone else so if you want to help me then follow and contact me. All stuffs aprecciated!





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That is, a new Stencyl user, not like the actual light particle... unless perhaps if you live somewhere on the surface of Earth, in which case chances are an actual photon might be approaching you anyhow... but...

I found out about Stencyl through Ludum Dare. While getting into one of the submitted games I discovered it indicated Stencyl was used and considering the moderately polished quality of the game (made in the 48 hour time span of the competition, no less), I decided to check this out. So far, I must say Stencyl looks like an incredible piece of game software with A LOT of flexibility. I can program in Python and C++ (not necessarily games through for the latter), but I am thinking Stencyl might be an excellent way to make games, especially since it appears so heavily anchored in programming logic to begin with.

Hopefully I can learn how to use this powerful game software effectively!
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Hello, I'm new here, as you can see, you can call me S. or 13( long names are lame).
ok, now introducing myself:
-I was aways into creating comics, games and etc, but never got the skill to draw neither to code(my lazyness helped this a lot).
-I'm a normal and dramatic teenager, but I'll try to be helpfull here(as much as I can)
-English isn't my first language, ocasional mispellings will hapen, sorry.


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my name is Shawn, just call me green.
this is because my favorite color is green :)
I have 4 siblings. two younger brothers a twin and an older sister.
I only know English and you will still see spelling mistakes.
2 of my brothers are creating a game with me, Renewal.
this will be our first game, but we still plan on making it a big one.
We love RPG games and zombies, so we thought we would make our own zombie game.
I am very creative as are my brothers.

further on i do not wish to make this a career for me. i am going to an aviation school to study avionics systems. going for an interview tomorrow for the military.
Thats what i want my career path to lead :)
as an avionics systems technician through the military.


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Hello! I'm happyhero *U* but you can call me by any variation of that if you want. I'm primarily an artist, but I've always wanted to make games. I hope I can learn to use stencyl well and then someday give back to the stencyl community. Nice to meet everyone!


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Hi!, I'm ElTutsi (nice to meet you), I'm an IT student and co-author of a webcomic, I always wanted to make games as a hobby but until now Stencyl has been the only tool that let me finish a project.

I'm from Mexico and I learned English playing pokemon... so.... there is that.