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Hi-oh! I'm SilverDomination! I am a programmer in Scratch, HTML, JavaScript, & (of course) Stencyl! You can follow me on twitter @LeSilverD

Stencyl on! :)
SilverDomination | Programmer in Scratch, HTML, JavaScript, & Stencyl |


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Hi there :) I'm Seismo and I'm here because i think and hope that Stencyl is a good way of getting into flash-game development. I do have programming experience, but sadly not in Actionscript or Flash. So i'm a complete beginner in that area ^^



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Hi there!
I found this place today and having struggled with graphical programming for years I've always been looking for something that'd put me in full control of my game while still making it easy to prototype and design. :)
Looks like I found it, I've been messing around with Stencyl and so far it's been amazing. :)
Be seeing you around!


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I'm a 3D animator and modeler in San Diego, California. I have worked as a game content designer for an educational company and as a card game designer for two publishing companies.

Now, I am interested in designing my own games and learning to program.


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Hello, my name is Callum and I have recently joined Stencyl in attempt to begin making games of my own. I'm in College at the moment so I have my life ahead of me to mold out, so after talking to some friends of mine if they knew of any websites to make flash games but alas they had no knowledge of any. So when I got home I opened up Google and began looking around for ways to create games for free, and that is when I saw Stencyl. The most attractive thing what stood out about Stencyl then the others was the message that said "Requires little coding", coding can be a pain for someone who has no idea what to click on and what the different effects will be.

So hearing about Stencyl I went onto Utube to look further in depth of what it was about and I was quite pleased with what I saw. I downloaded Stencyl a few hours after and it has lived up to its standards of minimum coding, which I am pleased about of course. Though I am still fairly new to the process it is quite enjoyable and challenging but also getting a sense of achievement when after working so hard on something, finally begins to work. I have created no games at the moments but I want to start creating RPG's in the near future.   

You know a good RPG because at the end of the game you feel hollow and sad that there's no more story left until the next game.


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Hello folks, my name's Kris, I'm 18 years old and I'm an Electronic Music Producer, specializing in Minimalistic & House aspects, I have been experimenting with many sorts of compositions and structures used in general gaming scores. This led me to wonder what it would actually be like to learn the entire process of web game development from start to finish, this led me to ActionScript, a tool that I fear I do not yet have the patience for, at least until I understand some more things about it's flow, hence Stencyl. I'm a mega-fan of the TV shows Community, Doctor Who, Game of Thrones & recently Adventure Time (thanks to my girlfriend).  I am a streaming operator and director for the local football league's weekly match broadcasts. Anywho, there's a bit about me, hope to learn a thing or two while I'm here, thanks! :)


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what's up everyone name's Medevenx call me Med i come from a lot of spriter forums and indie gaming forums so yeah


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Howdy all, Devillocks here or just plain Devil if you prefer :). Tinkered with scripts and programming on and off for the better part of 20 years now, but never dove in headfirst until recently. I'm great at putting a lot of things together, both on a computer and on my modelling workbench, but I don't have the talent at drawing and pencilling that I would like. I'm a fan of wrestling (the WWE kind), MMA, lots of animated shows, RPGs (both old school and console) and lots of music. Glad to see a thriving community here, and I hope to one day be able to share as much info as I take ;) Cheers!


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Hey, I'm Pierre, aka BananaJuice. I'm a french 18yrs old, and I loooove making games. Stencyl is the best tool for me.
Still on my first project.


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Hi all

I am looking forward to see whether stencyl is the better toolset for me after using gamesalad for the last 8 months


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Hello everybody! My name is Dylan, and I've always wanted to make games, but I've always been afraid of learning how to code. Now with Stencyl, I don't have to worry about coding. Me and my friends are going to make a zombie survival kind of game.
The Project I'm Working On: Blockformer

Whats up everyone! My name is SomethingWicked (aka Wicked) I'm a artist/writer and I will be here creating games with my brother (Punkisdead21). I've been doing amateur style 3d (poser,daz) for 6-7 years and I've been a photoshop user for 12 years. I would like to learn the hardcore 3d (zbrush and etc) someday. But for now I just wanna apply what I do know and have fun here.


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Hello I am kyy. I am just too excited to know there is such as awesome software to create games!
Ya my childhood was full of mini games. I always wished to edit and customize the super mario games. Recently i was addicted to btd5(Bloons tower defense 5) which i really wish to create a similar one with myself. I really think stencyl is a good solution for this.

Nice to meet you all  :)


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Hello, the name's Basil and I'm a graphic artist/illustrator by trade. I look forward to learning as much as I can about Stencyl from the fine folks in these forums. It'll be a long road, since I'm not inclined to program, but I look forward to learning!  :D
Games graphics is my specialty


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Hi everyone, I'm David.  I have always been interested in game development, but never really had time to learn a new coding language.  I hope to impress you guys with my work.  I used to work in RPGMaker alot, so it didn't take long to understand how to assemble code blocks. 

Here is is an early test screen from my current project!  I'm handling coding, art and animation for this adventure.

See you in the forums!